Summer Programs

Two-Week Specialty Programs

We are thrilled to be able to offer Specialty Camps for the Summer of 2022! Our two-week Specialty Camps offer programs for a wide variety of interests that campers might have. While participating in a Specialty Camp, campers spend half of their day focused on their specialty, and half of the day participating in traditional camp activities. Each camper will have a swimming lesson built into their schedule every day.

All of our Specialty Instructors are exceptionally qualified and have many years of experience and education.

Specialty Camp Hours
8:30am - 3:15pm

Aftercamp Child Care is available until 6:00pm Monday through Thursday, and until 5:15pm Friday.

Depending on COVID-19 guidelines, each Specialty Camp will conclude with a presentation for parents/guardians on the last Friday morning of the two-week session.

Lower Camp: Entering K - 1st Grade

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  • Spy Kids

    Session 1: June 27 – July 8
    *Camp closed on Monday, July 4. Session 1 is Discounted.
    Learn all the necessary skills to be the best Spy Kid! We start the session with Spy training. Campers will learn how to craft disguises, navigate obstacle courses, and crack codes. They will discover the science behind invisible ink and participate in Spy themed games. Once they’re ready, there will be a TOP-SECRET mission for The Spy Kids to try out their new skills.
  • Ready, Set, Dance!

    Session 2: July 11 - July 22
    This versatile and creative Dance Camp allows campers to explore a variety of styles including Jazz, Hip Hop and Contemporary. Campers will also get to create their own moves and dances through choreographic games and guided activities. All campers will enjoy learning new skills and making new friends. Ready, Set, Dance introduces dance, music, and movement in a fun atmosphere where every child can explore: self-confidence, imagination, musicality, rhythm, and coordination. The grand finale performance, a dance party accompanied by costumes and props, will showcase a routine that the children will learn throughout the week.  Depending on COVID-19 guidelines, friends and family will be invited to see the performance. This high-energy experience is a great way for young dancers to explore the many aspects of dance. Previous dance experience is not required. Come join us this summer!
  • Little Engineers (STEM)

    Session 3: July 25 - August 5
    Join us as we discover all things STEM! Your camper will get introduced to the basics of STEM and engineering through hands-on fun with fellow campers. Your camper will be introduced to architecture as they explore different building materials, such as Legos and magnatiles. Campers will explore the basics of computer engineering by coding small robots. Campers will also have fun with science experiments! Each day will be exciting as we dive into the world of engineers!
  • I Love Art!

    Session 4: August 8 - August 19
    Spend an exciting week with Clay, Paper Mache, and Paint!  Children will
    experiment with different media as they participate in Tenacre’s “I Love Art”
    program this summer.  Each day will bring a new project that may include
    drawing, painting, or sculpture.   Engaged campers will learn art
    techniques, vocabulary, and skills while working with high quality materials.
    This program is designed to nurture creativity in children in an interactive
    and experimental environment and at a pace that permits self-expression
    and success.  Personal imagery and themes will be encouraged.  

Upper Camp: Entering 2nd - 6th Grade

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  • Secret Agents

    Session 1: June 27 – July 8
    *Camp closed on Monday, July 4. Session 1 is Discounted.
    We need Secret Agents! The session will start with Secret Agent training. Put your mind to work by decrypting cyphers, learning how to lift fingerprints, and crafting your own alias. Train in Ninja skills and learn how to avoid detection. The best spies have knowledge of STEM, movement, and craftiness. After successfully completing trials, our Secret Agent group will take their skills to the next level to complete a TOP-SECRET mission.
  • STEM Exploration

    Session 2: July 11 - July 22
    Have fun exploring and learning all about STEM! Think like an engineer to solve problems, make discoveries, and explore! In this speciality camp, your camper will solve engineering design challenges (think building the tallest tower), explore computer coding and robots, and use their imagination to build creations out of Legos and Keva planks. Every day will be a mix of engineering challenges, coding, and free build time. Get ready for hands-on fun!
  • Mixed Media Art

    Session 3: July 25 - August 5
    Come spend the week exploring painting, collage, drawing, and clay!  This Art camp will spark your child's creativity and expose them to a wide variety of art techniques. Children will be introduced to different and exciting materials to create a new artwork each day. Any level of art experience is welcome! This specialty camp is designed to nurture creativity and allow students to explore new possibilities and develop artwork they feel proud of.
  • Theater

    Session 4: August 8 - August 19
    Theater is a great venue for expression and increased self-confidence! Through improvisational games and activities, we will create a cabaret of songs, scenes, and dances. Students will also work together to create text, props, costumes and small set pieces for their final play. Let’s build a show together!

Daily Program

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  • Swimming Lessons

    Every camper has a swimming lesson every day! Tenacre has two, heated, outdoor pools that were built in 2017. Our pools are specially designed to provide the safest and best possible instructional settings. We believe that swimming is an important life-saving skill and we continually get top marks for our swim program. The swim staff is entirely separate from the counselor staff, and all members of the swim staff hold Lifeguard Training (LGT) certification, and some hold Water Safety Instructor (WSI) certification. On the first day of each session, the new campers are tested for their swimming ability, and at the end of each child's enrollment in camp, an evaluation of progress is sent home in the form of a swim report. 

    We will update our camp families in the spring about what swimming will look like for Summer 2022.  In Summer 2021, all of our campers had a swimming lesson every day.  
  • Lunch and Snack

    Campers are welcome to bring their own lunch that is nut free. Refrigeration will not be provided for Summer 2022. Lunches should be packed in a soft lunch bag and clearly labeled with the camper’s name.

    You also have the option to purchase a kid-friendly lunch provided by the camp. If you would like to buy lunch for your child, there will be a form to do so, and you will need to purchase lunch by the week ($45/week).  Each day there is a Hot & Cold (nut-free) lunch option prepared and packaged in our commercial kitchen right on the premises. Our kitchen is run by professionals that work with children during the school year. In addition to the hot and cold options that are on the menu each day, the kitchen staff tries to accommodate all major allergens with a prior weeks notice. Gluten and dairy free options are available daily.

    In addition to the hot option for each day, these following options are also available daily: 
    1) Sun Butter and Jelly Sandwich w/ yogurt & fruit
    2) Plain Bagel and Cream Cheese w/ yogurt & fruit
    3) Grilled Cheese w/ yogurt & fruit
    4) Buttered Pasta (Marinara on the side), Parmesan Cheese, Garlic Bread w/fruit
    5) Oven Roasted Turkey on Wheat Bread, Real American Cheese, with fruit and vegetable sticks

    Our Full Day (K - 6th) campers eat outside each day.  On rainy days, the campers eat in our Dining Room. The 3 and 4 year olds eat their snack and lunch in their home-base classrooms. Each group of campers eats together and the Counselors eat with their campers.

    Campers need to bring their own water bottle to camp. Drinking water throughout the day is encouraged by all of our staff.  Campers can bring/pack a drink in their lunch bag.

    Many parents choose Tenacre specifically because of the precautions we take to protect children with allergies.  We are an allergy aware camp, and many of our campers have food allergies, and life-threatening allergies to peanuts/treenuts.  If a camper has an EpiPen for his/her food allergy, the camper's lunch will be kept in the Directors' refrigerator.  Campers are not allowed to share food. Due to food allergies and restrictions, campers cannot bring in outside treats for their age groups for special occasions/Birthdays. 

    The camp provides a peanut/nut free snack for all campers.  The snacks are served on a rotating basis throughout the summer.
    • Bananas
    • Apples
    • Clementines
    • Rold Gold Pretzels
    • Cheerios
    • Snack Bar with Blueberries or Strawberries
    • Corn Bread
    • Cheese Sticks
    • Annie’s Bunny Grahams
    • Ritz and Saltine Crackers
  • Drop-Off and Pick-Up

    In the morning, drop-off is from 8:00 a.m. until 8:25 a.m.  Our car line enters by way of the 160 Grove Street/Maple Manor entrance.  Our camp staff are helpful in guiding our car line through the arrival route.  The campers are assisted out of the car by one of our staff members and taken to their group.  All cars exit onto Benvenue Street.

    After 8:25 a.m., arriving families need to park their cars in the Benvenue Street parking lot behind the school. Campers must first be signed in at the Directors' Shed, and then one of our staff members will take your camper to his/her group. 

    Campers that are staying for a full day will depart at 3:15 p.m.  ID CARDS must be presented each day to pick up your child, and you must also sign them out.  

    All pick-ups are via the 160 Grove Street entrance. Drivers should arrive at 3:10 for the 3:15 dismissal.

    If you are a walker and will pick-up your camper on foot, you should wait by the basketball standards on the blacktop, and the camp staff will bring your child to you.  You must show your ID CARD and sign out your camper.


  • Full Day Hours 8:30AM - 3:15PM
  • Swimming Lesson every day
  • Exceptionally qualified staff
  • Spaces are limited to 20 campers
  • Nurse on duty
  • Location : Tenacre School
  • Child Care until 6:00 p.m. Monday - Thursday, 5:15 p.m. Friday
Tenacre nurtures and challenges each child, every day.