Parent Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

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  • What should my camper wear and bring to camp?

    All campers should wear comfortable, labeled play clothes, and fully-enclosed sneakers and socks.

    Sandals may only be worn to and from the pool area.

    Every camper should bring a labeled water bottle.

    If campers are not purchasing lunch from camp, parents should pack their camper a nut-free lunch.

    Campers need to bring one towel and two swimsuits. Depending on the schedule, some campers will be asked to come in their swimsuits at drop off.

    Three's and Four's campers should bring an extra set of clothes to keep at camp.
  • Where is Tenacre Summer Programs located?

    Tenacre Summer Programs is located in the metro-west area of suburban Boston, in the town of Wellesley. Tenacre Summer Programs is located on the 10-acre campus of Tenacre Country Day School, which is adjacent to the Dana Hall School campus, about one mile outside of the Wellesley town center.
  • Will my child be grouped with campers their own age?

    Children are grouped according to age and entering grade. Each group has several eight-week, six-week, four-week, and two-week campers. On occasion, some groups may be a combination of grade levels. The camp makes every effort to create coeducational groups, whenever possible.
  • What can you tell me about the staff?

    We have the best staff! Our leadership team consists of our year round Director of Summer Programs, our seasonal Camp Director who has been working at camp since 1999, our Summer Directors who are all experienced professionals who work with children during the school year, and our nursing staff.

    Group counselors must be at least seventeen years old. Activity specialists, and head counselors must be college graduates, or have equivalent life experience. 

    All of our staff must go through in-depth, face-to-face interviews, CORI and SORI background checks, provide personal and work references, and attend staff training.
  • What are your ratios like?

    We pride ourselves on our low counselor to camper ratios and small group sizes. Each activity the campers participate in is led by an activity specialist in addition to the group counselors. Counselors travel and stay with the group; most continue in the same group throughout the summer. This model ensures that all campers are well supervised and safe while still having fun!

    Counselor to Camper Ratios:
    Three's - 1:4
    Four's - 1:5
    K through 3rd - 1:5
    4th through 6th - 1:8
  • Do you provide transportation?

    We do not provide transportation. Before the beginning of camp we send out a carpool list to families.
  • How can I purchase lunch?

    Families are welcome to purchase lunch by the week. In order to purchase lunch, families must fill out the lunch order form on the family profile on Campsite. The office will contact you about billing after the form has been received.
  • What are your facilities like?

    Tenacre Summer Programs is located at Tenacre Country Day School, an independent elementary school in Wellesley, Massachusetts. During the school year, our campus is home to roughly 200 students from PK through 6th grade. Because of our elementary school setting, our facilities are perfect for our campers during the summer.

    Swimming Pools
    Our two outdoor, heated pools were built in 2017. The swimming pools are specially designed to provide the safest and best possible instructional settings.

    Pool #1: The first pool is approximately 50 feet by 25 feet. It is a teaching pool (3' to 3' 6'' depth) for our younger age groups to learn how to swim.

    Pool #2: Our larger pool is approximately 70 feet by 40 feet and  gradually slopes from 3' depth to 9' depth. This pool allows our older campers more room to practice their strokes and refine their swimming skills.

    Art and Music
    The Art and Music rooms provide perfect space to carry on our music, clay, and arts and crafts programs. The art room features all elementary art equipment and materials. The beautiful music room is a great space for our campers to sing their favorite camp songs!

    Academic Building
    The main Academic Building houses the school's library, technology center, classrooms, a courtyard, and administrative offices. The academic building conveniently connects to the existing facilities allowing lots of space for summer programs.

    Wells Playhouse
    The playhouse is located inside the main building and offers a large floor space and stage for a variety of activities throughout the summer - rain or shine!

    School House
    The School House Building has many spacious rooms and serves as the home for The Three's and The Four's programs. These groups have their own home-base classrooms that serve as a familiar place for the campers to eat snack and lunch, store their belongings, and play with a variety of pre-school toys and games.

    Tenacre Science Center
    This building has 2 large classroom spaces with sinks. The health office and Crafts activity are housed in the Science Center. 

    Centennial Field
    Centennial Field is a regulation-size soccer and field hockey field and is home to many of our activities.

    The regulation size gymnasium is an excellent location for our indoor instructional sports and games program, and our indoor Ropes and Challenge course is on the other side. Located next to the gym are two locker rooms for changing for swimming.

    Ropes Challenge Course
    A ropes course is a place where one can climb high or try to balance on a swinging beam while learning to trust peers. The ropes course curriculum is filled with important values like teamwork, sportsmanship, cooperation, effort, and meeting challenges. It is supervised by a fully trained and certified mature staff.

    Dining Room and Community Center with Stage
    The beautiful Dining Room and Community Center are wonderful, flexible spaces for a variety of activities and some of our specialty camp programs. 
  • Where does swimming take place?

    The camp has 2 outdoor, in-ground, heated pools that were built in 2017. The heated pools give the children a comfortable environment in which to swim. The Town of Wellesley inspects both pools several times each season. The Pool Director tests the pools throughout day. The Town of Wellesley Board of Health visits the campus for a comprehensive inspection the first week of the camp season.
  • What if my child becomes sick or injured at camp?

    The camp employs a full-time, licensed nurse to head the health office and care for the campers and staff. The nurse is on duty daily from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. A group counselor will bring a sick camper to the health office and remain with the child. The nurse will make an immediate determination, and if necessary, the parent/s will be notified. If the camper is injured and if the nurse cannot reach the parent/s, the emergency person/s listed on the camper's form will be contacted.  If 911 is called, a Summer Director will travel and stay with the child until a parent or guardian is present.
  • Why do parents choose Tenacre Summer Programs?

    • Utmost attention to the safety and the well being of each camper
    • Nurturing environment with fun, age-appropriate activities
    • Heated pools and small group swimming lessons that continually get top marks from campers and parents
    • Most 3 and 4 year olds swim 1:1 with certified Lifeguards/Swim Instructors
    • Staff who love being with kids, are well trained, and can be counted upon to be role models
    • An older, more mature staff.  Tenacre does not have junior counselors or a CIT program
    • Low counselor to camper ratios
    • Activities taught by teachers and other professionals with college degrees
    • Structured schedule with a wide-variety of activities and individual choice periods for campers entering 2nd - 6th graders
    • Aftercamp child care program until 6:00 p.m. that engages campers and gives them choices
    • Elementary school setting that is especially appropriate for the ages of our campers.  As an elementary school, we really understand this age group.
  • What activities are offered for campers?

    Full Day camp offers a variety of traditional, fun camp activities, which may include: art, crafts, sports, nature, music, ropes/challenge course, theater arts, clay, newcomb, kickball, storytime, archery, dance and movement, and yogal.

    The Three's and Four's program activities might include: art, crafts, nature, music, theater games, movement, sports, group games, and storytime. For these programs, the schedule allows for sensitivity to a slower pace.

    Regardless of age group, every camper receives a swimming lesson every day, and Full Day campers always have an additional daily free swim period.
  • What are choice activities for Upper Camp?

    Full Day campers in Upper Camp (2nd - 6th) will participate daily in individual choice periods. Campers get to sign up for choice activities in the morning. Choice time is a great opportunity for campers to delve deeper into an activity and meet campers across groups who share the same interest. Choices will be age appropriate and are led by Activity Heads. Some examples of Choice activities might include: beading, gimp, flag football, chess, board games, friendship bracelets, floor hockey, gaga ball, newcomb, and more.

Registration Questions

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  • Do you have an open house before camp starts?

    Yes! We have a few events before camp starts:

    April 21, 2024
    11 a.m. - 1 p.m.
    In Person Open House (Enrolled Families Only)

    May 11, 2024
    Timing TBD
    Tenacre Country Day School Fair
    We will have a table set up at the Tenacre Fair. Opportunity for questions, formal tours not able to be provided.
  • What is the registration process?

    Our registration system is a two-step process. Families should fill out an enrollment request form on Campsite, our parent portal, for each child they are interested in sending to camp this coming summer. We process enrollment requests in order of when they are submitted once registration has officially opened. Once you have submitted your enrollment requests, you should expect to receive an email either confirming your enrollment or relaying your waitlist spot information within a week. Spaces are available on a first come first serve basis. Signing up early is critical to increase your chance of securing a space.
  • Does camp provide a parent resource?

    An Information Resource for parents will be emailed before camp opens. The camp prepares extensive hard copy mailings in the spring that include health guidelines, ID pickup cards, arrival and dismissal maps, and group listings. Camp information is also posted online on Campsite, the parent dashboard.
  • Can I extend my child's enrollment once camp has already started?

    Many parents choose to extend their camper's enrollment! We welcome these additions, wherever space is available.
  • When are activity schedules available?

    Sample schedules are available at any time - please let us know if you'd like one emailed to you! Annual summer schedules will be available at the camp Meet & Greet, the day before camp begins, and afterwards in the camp office or the Directors’ Shed, or via email. Each year the camp modifies and adds new activities to the schedule using feedback from the camp survey and staff expertise.
  • Do you offer financial assistance?

    Tenacre Day Camp offers financial assistance to qualified families on a first-come, first served basis until the fund is used up for the current summer season. To accommodate the greatest number of children, camp may only be able to offer assistance for a maximum of 2 weeks. Available weeks are: Week 1, 2, 7 and 8.
    Contact for more information or an application.
    Request financial assistance as soon as you apply to camp, and no later than March 15th.  We recommend completing the financial assistance application immediately after submitting your camper’s registration for the highest likelihood of receiving the award amount requested.

Pick Up & Drop Off Questions

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  • How does pick up work?

    Dismissal begins at 1:00 p.m. for some of our 3 and 4 year olds. Campers that are staying for a full day will depart at 3:15 p.m. All families will be given personalized ID cards that must be presented each day to pick up your child, and you must also sign them out.  

    All pick-ups are via the 160 Grove Street entrance.  Drivers should arrive by 12:55 for the 1:00 dismissal.  Drivers should arrive at 3:10 for the 3:15 dismissal.

    If you are a walker and will pickup your camper on foot, you should wait by the basketball standards on the blacktop. The camp staff will bring your child to you. You must show your ID card and sign out your camper.
  • How do I pick up my child early?

    If you need to pick up your child early, you are welcome to do so before 2:15 p.m. Please contact the office with the time you will need to pick up your child so we can have your camper ready to go!
  • How do late arrivals work?

    After 8:25 a.m., arriving families need to park their cars in the Benvenue Street parking lot behind the school. Campers must first be signed in at the Directors' Shed, and then one of our staff members will take your camper to their group. 

    If you intend to bring your child late due to an appointment, etc. we ask that you let us know via email in advance so we know when to expect your child.
  • How does drop off work?

    In the morning, drop-off is from 8:00 a.m. until 8:25 a.m. Our car line enters by way of the 160 Grove Street entrance. Our camp staff are helpful in guiding our car line through the arrival route. The campers are assisted out of the car by one of our staff members and taken to their group. All cars exit onto Benvenue Street.

We Are Accredited

Tenacre Day Camp is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA), and is celebrating more than 40 years of providing a safe, fun, wonderful day camp experience for children.  Learn why choosing an accredited camp is important. 

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