Tenacre teachers and the Learning Support Staff work together to set goals for students at each grade level and to help students meet those goals.
Through small group instruction and individualized attention, teachers seek to meet the needs of individuals while keeping expectations high for all students. Tenacre's small classes, co-teaching model, and strong academic curriculum are designed to help all students become effective learners and critical thinkers. While teachers attempt to meet the needs of all learners within the classroom, there are times when students benefit from additional individual or small group support.

The purpose of the Student Support Program is to provide remedial support and enrichment opportunities to those students who would benefit from additional services to enable them to reach their academic potential. By focusing on student needs—for both support and enrichment—Tenacre strives to fulfill its mission to nurture and challenge each student, every day. In this warm and supportive community we are all learners striving to discover and expand our best abilities while helping others to do the same. Tenacre's philosophy and policies regarding student support can be found by clicking on the yellow Student Support Brochure button on this page.

Support Staff

List of 5 items.

  • Learning and Enrichment Specialists

    Learning and Enrichment Specialists work with individual or small groups of students to provide either remedial or enrichment support throughout the curriculum. Learning and Enrichment Specialists support the reading and math programs by teaching small groups and administering assessments with the Educational Support and Reading Coordinator.
  • Math Coordinator

    The Math Coordinator is responsible for the oversight and coordination of the math program in Grades Pre-K to Grade 6 and works with teachers to improve math instruction and provide enrichment and remedial support as appropriate. The Math Coordinator serves as a resource for professional development, oversees school-wide math assessments, and works to identify interdisciplinary connections across the curriculum.
  • Reading and Educational Support Coordinator

    The Reading and Educational Support Coordinator oversees the reading program and coordinates student support and enrichment. The Coordinator works with teachers to design appropriate interventions within the classroom and provides reading and learning support for individuals and small groups. The Coordinator also oversees school-wide reading assessments.
  • School Counselor

    Tenacre employs a full-time School Counselor who oversees Tenacre's social/emotional curriculum and meets with individual and small groups of students as needed. The School Counselor consults  regularly with faculty to aid in the goal of promoting the social and emotional well-being of individuals and the school community. The School Counselor is available for consultation with parents and faculty regarding specific issues.
  • School Occupational Therapist

    All children receive an occupational therapy screening in the second semester of Pre-Kindergarten and a speech screening in the second semester of Kindergarten. The screenings are administered by outside professionals who consult with the school, and are viewed by the school as proactive measures to insure that each child's educational needs are addressed. Feedback from these screenings is shared with parents, in writing, and when necessary will include recommendations and resources for follow-up evaluations and therapies.