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Every day at Tenacre begins with a handshake as the head of school greets arriving students. This act of trust and personal attention sets the tone for all that follows. At Tenacre, we embrace the elementary years.
As a Pre-K through Grade 6 coed school, we offer a dynamic and exciting environment in which children progressively develop critical thinking skills, become confident and joyful learners, and move forward into higher education and life as caring citizens.

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Critical Thinkers, Confident Learners & Caring Citizens

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  • "Author Parties" celebrate first graders

    This week, first graders have been presenting books they have written to their classmates and parents. These author parties are a first-grade tradition and are the culminating moment of the Grade 1 writing curriculum. The books, which focus on a topic of interest to each student, include a table of contents, the main story, hand-drawn illustrations, a glossary (if needed), and a brief autobiography at the end.
  • Sixth graders showcase their "wax museum" of historical figures

    Sixth graders hosted their annual “wax museum” this morning, showcasing research projects on historical figures of their choosing. The project involved researching information in the library, writing a paper, and orally presenting and portraying the information. Students dressed up as their subject and gave a brief speech about the accomplishments and importance of their subject. Some of the historical figures that students chose were Ben Franklin, Beethoven, Augusta Ada Byron,  Srinivasa Iyengar Ramanjunan, Martha Graham, and Claude Monet. The goal of the project is to teach research skills to the sixth graders.
  • Fourth graders present their country study project

    Fourth graders presented their Country Study projects yesterday. In this annual project, students work in small groups to research one of six countries on the continents of Oceania, Europe, South America, North America, Africa, and Asia. They use World Book Online and book resources to study the culture, geography, and economy of their given country. Then, they create individual presentations that include expository paragraphs and their places of interest. Additionally, they create clay maps and travel videos to demonstrate their knowledge, and all is presented at the Country Bazaar to the community. 

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