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Work Hard, Find Joy
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Welcome to Tenacre

Every day at Tenacre begins with a handshake as the head of school greets arriving students. This act of trust and personal attention sets the tone for all that follows. At Tenacre, we embrace the elementary years.
As a Pre-K through Grade 6 coed school, we offer a dynamic and exciting environment in which children progressively develop critical thinking skills, become confident and joyful learners, and move forward into higher education and life as caring citizens.

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  • 200

    Total Students
  • 39

  • 27%

    Students of Color
  • Español

    Starts in Pre-K
  • 6

    Sports Offered
  • $1 mil

    Financial Aid

A Community Of

Critical Thinkers, Confident Learners & Caring Citizens

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  • Third graders learn about anatomy of the eye and dissect cow eyes

    Tenacre third graders have been learning about the physical properties of light and the physiology and anatomy of the human eye. They dissected a cow eye specimen, which has a similar construction to the human eye. They saw first-hand the anatomical parts that they have been studying. The dissection exercise provided students with a relevant comparison to explain some of the various diseases and problems that arise with the eyes of any typical mammalian organism.
  • Fourth graders smash geodes

    In their science geology unit, fourth graders learned how the three main kinds of rocks are formed, and the physical changes they undergo in the rock cycle. They learned what makes a mineral a mineral and how minerals combine to form rocks. And they put their scientific skills to use, identifying various rocks and minerals by observing and testing for things such as transparency, luster, streak, hardness, magnetism, and acid reaction. Their unit wrapped up with using hammers to break open geodes to expose the beautiful, hidden crystal formations inside! 
  • Tenacre dancers perform for school community

    Tenacre’s After-School dance club, the Spirit of Dance, performed for the school community this morning. Their dance incorporated Afro-Jazz technique and included leaps, kicks, splits, and lifts.

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  • Apr

    Grub Day for Students: Wear your favorite PJs!

    Student Council proudly announces Tenacre’s final Grub Day of the year: Wear your pajamas! The fourth term of the Student Council is raising money to support The Ocean Cleanup. The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization with the goal of developing advanced technologies to rid the world's oceans of plastic pollution. In addition to cleanup efforts, The Ocean Cleanup is committed to raising awareness about ocean pollution and advocating for sustainable solutions.
  • Apr

    MakeCreateLearn Event for Tenacre Adults

    Join us for a social evening with the opportunity to create your very own Tenacre item to take home. Tech teachers Dave Hamilton and Lauren Howard will share the exciting new technology that your children are experiencing with the laser cutter. Beverages and light bites will be served. Please RSVP by April 22.
    PAC Foyer
  • Apr

    TPA Faculty Appreciation Luncheon

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