• Fifth graders study pop art

    Fifth graders are studying pop art and mass-produced art. They each chose something in popular culture that is relevant to them and created a piece of art. Students chose topics and items ranging from ballet slippers, skiing, toilet paper, and Ariana Grande’s ponytail.
  • Pre-Kindergarteners get their hands dirty in science class

    Pre-kindergarteners got their hands dirty this morning in science class (figuratively) as they learned to differentiate between dirt and soil. Students used an ocular to closely examine dirt samples and shared ideas of what dirt actually contains (sticks, rocks, pieces of different plants). This lesson is part of their unit about seeds and and a foundation for third grade plant studies. Next, PKers will learn about roots and the major parts of a tree as well as the animals that coexist there.
  • Welcome back!

    Happy New Year and welcome back! We hope everyone had a relaxing break. We are thrilled to have Tenacre students back in the hallways.

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