• Sixth graders participate in leadership retreat, team building

    Sixth graders spent most of today at a class retreat to foster team building and leadership skills. They walked to Ridge Hill Reservation for the official launch of Tenacre LEADS, our sixth grade leadership development program. They participated in team-building exercises led by Tenacre’s P.E. staff, spent reflective moments writing in a journal, and engaged in group discussions about what leadership means to them, before returning to Tenacre.
  • School photo day!

    In a year full of new routines and different ways of doing things at least one thing has stayed constant --  annual school photo day. Tenacre students all had their individual photos taken today in a safe and socially distant manner, officially marking the 2020-2021 school year.
  • PKers host a special visitor

    Pre-Kindergartners had a special visitor today when Jaleesa Anselm, Tenacre’s new Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (and a former kindergarten teacher) introduced herself and read a story to PKers.
  • Sixth graders use nature's "classroom" for science

    Sixth graders ventured into the wild this morning for science class in Beebe Meadow. The to-do list? A “treasure” hunt for milkweed, bumble bees, spiders, and other items related to their classroom studies.
  • Highfive to Tenacre fourth graders!

    Tenacre fourth graders created custom-made “hands” this week to use for high-fives with classmates. Students each created their own hands, which were attached to a stick, allowing for touchless highfives throughout the day.
  • Welcome back Tenacre!

    Welcome back Tenacre! Students in Grades 3-6, plus half of the PK class, attended the first orientation day today—and it was great to see everybody back on campus. PKers participated in their first Tenacre tradition, when Head of School Will Crissman presents each PKer with a special school bag. Students love this tradition, as Mr. Crissman “very seriously” hands out the bags amidst plenty of smiles and giggles. 

    Tomorrow, we look forward to seeing students from Kindergarten to Grade 2, as well as the other half of the PK class during Tenacre's second day of orientation.
  • Tenacre is ready to open!

    Teachers and staff are all busy preparing for the first day of school on September 8. We can’t wait to see Tenacre students on campus again—it has been too long!
  • Tenacre greets first day of virtual school with excitement

    There were smiles and excitement this morning as Tenacre students reconnected with each other in a new virtual classroom. Students, who have been on spring break for the past two weeks, started the morning with a livestreamed assembly hosted by Head of School Will Crissman. Mr. Crissman followed the usual assembly protocol of saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, giving announcements, and then wishing happy birthday to students who recently celebrated their birthdays. Mr. Crissman even sang a “Happy Birthday” solo (and a cappella!) to those students. After assembly, students went on to meet virtually with their respective classes. The students were so excited to see each other and chat with both their peers and their teachers. It has been a great “first day!”
  • Math Club students tackle logic puzzles

    A group of students participated in Tenacre’s Math Club this afternoon, using their logic to solve puzzles and problems. Math Coordinator Regina Barrett presented these fifth and sixth graders with a series of challenges that they enthusiastically tackled.

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