• September

    Fifth graders sporting new athletic uniforms

    Fifth graders received new athletic uniforms and can’t wait to wear them for their first game next week. Go Tigers!
  • Join us for Story Time Saturdays!

    Click HERE for more information about our Story Time for 3 and 4 year olds.
  • Sixth graders present assembly about school theme of Pride

    Tenacre sixth graders presented an all-school assembly this morning about the 2023-2024 school theme of Pride. Sixth graders voted on the theme last spring and said they were drawn to Pride because it is connected to school pride, team pride, family pride, class pride, and personal pride. During the assembly, sixth graders said that they see school pride as a way of promoting unity. “As a Tenacre community, this year we can share pride in the work we do, how we treat others, and how we care for our school,” explained a sixth grader during the assembly. The sixth-grade class is initiating a school-wide project to foster a feeling of school pride. Each homeroom will create a green and white paper “pride chain.” Every student will receive a strip of green or white paper, write their name on one side and something they have done to feel proud on the other side. The goal is to create a paper chain with the participation of every student and staff member. The finished paper chain will be hung in the Tenacre Art Gallery for everyone to see.
  • Kindergarten Little Friends meet their fifth grade Big Friends

    Kindergarteners and fifth graders gathered last Friday as part of the Big Friend/Little Friend program, a beloved Tenacre tradition in which younger students and older students are paired up for the year. The group will meet regularly throughout the year and participate in different activities together. For their first meeting, the Big Friends/Little Friends met each other and spent time on together on the playground.
  • Sixth graders challenge themselves at Thompson Island

    Sixth graders recently returned from their class trip to Thompson Island–a two-night, three-day adventure. In this highly anticipated tradition, the class participated in various Outward Bound activities led by counselors from Thompson Island. In addition to beautiful weather, students enjoyed challenging activities, class bonding games, and downtime with their friends. They returned to campus a tired, but exhilarated bunch.
  • PKers focus on "Kind Thoughts, Kind Words, Kind Actions" theme

    Tenacre PKers have been settling into their classroom routines, getting to know their teachers, their classmates, and their classroom. They are learning each other's names so they can address classmates by name, which helps to make social connections. PKers are also focusing on one of the primary PK themes and part of their classroom rules—"Kind Thoughts, Kind Words, Kind Actions." This theme is incorporated into everyday activities and plays a big part in the social emotional curriculum at this age level.
  • Second graders work on their math skills

    Second grade math class focused on facts of 10 this morning. Students worked in pairs to hone their skills.
  • Fourth graders collaborate on art project

    Fourth graders are working on a collaborative art project in which they create a paper structure with a limited number of tools. Each group discussed different options and tried different blueprints to create their designs.
  • Getting back into the swing of things

    Tenacre students are getting into the swing of things during their first week back at school. Students have learned new routines, focused on academics, and found joy throughout the day.
  • Welcome back, Tenacre!

    Welcome back Tenacre! Students have returned to school, and we are thrilled to see the hallways filled with children. Students and staff were full of smiles as old friends reconnected and new friends were made.

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