• May

    Fifth and sixth graders perform "The SpongeBob Musical"

    This week, fifth and sixth graders performed The SpongeBob Musical for their annual spring musical. The cast, which has been rehearsing for weeks, gave three amazing performances for students and parents. The show included many solo performances and numerous choreographed routines. The SpongeBob Musical was a huge hit with audiences of all ages! Bravo to fifth and sixth graders!
  • Tenacre community participates Family Multicultural Fair

    On Friday, May 17, The TPA's Community Inclusiveness Committee (CIC) hosted the Tenacre Family Multicultural Fair. In the spirit of this year’s school theme of Pride, this event was an opportunity for students and faculty to take pride in and showcase their unique family cultures with the rest of the Tenacre community. Even though our individual definitions of culture may vary, everyone has a culture, and this event certainly highlighted this fact. Many Tenacre families created and showcased their family cultures through various visual displays with pictures, cultural artifacts, and slideshow presentations. Though all families created their displays based on the same set of directions, the differences reflected in each display highlighted the broad diversity of our Tenacre community. 
  • Tenacre students celebrate Orchard Day

    Last Friday morning, Tenacre celebrated Orchard Day, a longtime tradition in which students honor the sixth graders in the Phyllis Scoboria Orchard. This tradition was started in 1953 by then-head of school Phyllis Scoboria as a student-only celebration in which students honor students. Orchard Day is a highly anticipated event that is not announced to students until the morning of Orchard Day: when students arrive at school and see Orchard Day cakes in the front foyer, they know the day has finally arrived! The celebration starts with first graders planting their class apple tree in the Tenacre orchard with help from their sixth grade Big Friends. After the tree planting, kindergarten, first, second, third, fourth, and fifth graders present tributes that have been planned by each grade. Tributes often include poems, chants, or songs that have been written by students. The ceremony ends with cake on the playground.
  • PKers present “Kitty Cat Capers”

    Pre-kindergarteners presented their class play this morning. “Kitty Cat Capers” is a mini-musical that showcased a group of mischievous and lovable cats and had our PKers singing and and dancing. Bravo to all!
  • May 2024

    Tenacre welcomes back Class of 2018

    Tenacre welcomed back members of the Class of 2018 and their parents last night for a reunion in Wells Playhouse. This annual tradition is a wonderful opportunity for the class to reconnect before heading off to college in the fall.
  • Fifth graders experience life on a working farm

    Fifth graders spent three days this week at Farm School, taking on the duties of a working farm. They fed the animals, mucked out stalls, cooked meals, and assisted with gardening. They also had free time to roam the farm and relax with classmates. Students came together as a class at Farm School and gained a new appreciation for their fellow students. A fifth-grade tradition at Tenacre, this experience broadens their worldview, and class members often end up seeing each other in a new light.
  • Kindergartners visit Natick Organic Farm

    Kindergarteners spent the morning yesterday at Natick Community Organic Farm, a nonprofit, certified-organic farm providing productive open space, farm products, and educational programs since 1975. Kindergarteners took a tour of the farm, met goats, sheep, pigs, and chickens, and explored the herbs and gardens.
  • "Girls Can" group meets for final time this year

    For the last Girls Can meeting of the year, fifth and sixth grade girls created a paper bag project to represent their connection to a person they most admire. Each girl brought in color copy of a photo of themself and a photo of the female they admire. They glued them on each side of the bag and wrote character traits to describe the person. In the bag they put a favorite saying and a "u rock" rock as a symbol of self-confidence and pride.

    Girls Can is an affinity group open to girls in fifth and sixth grade whose purpose is to create a respectful and fun environment in which girls discuss important issues, work together on projects, empower themselves and each other, and build their self-confidence.
  • April

    Moving day for Appledore!

    The Tenacre community had the opportunity to witness a feat of engineering when the process of moving Appledore forward 150 feet was started. Appledore, built in 1880, is an historic building located on Tenacre campus. It served as the home for Tenacre heads of school from 1952 to 2023. Once the process of moving the structure is complete, it will be renovated for office space. The process of moving the building was slow, but that did not deter the enthusiasm of students who watched. There was plenty of cheering and energy as the community gathered to watch.
  • PK and K students learn all about bees

    Student in PK and kindergarten learn all about bees this morning as part of Tenacre’s Gwyn Loud Science Fund. Pre-kindergartners are learning about insects, and kindergartners are exploring the role of insects in our different habitats. Local bee keeper Kate Balestrier provided interactive workshops for PK and K. She shared her knowledge about bees and how the hive produces and protects its honey. She connected how important insects are to our agriculture and food supplies.
  • PKers perform Tenacre's alma mater

    This morning Tenacre pre-kindergarteners took to the stage in Wells Playhouse to sing the “Tenacre Song” for their parents and Big Friends in fourth grade. This was the PKers first opportunity to perform on stage, and they received enthusiastic applause!
  • Local artist works with sixth graders

    Tenacre welcomed artist Robyn Thompson Duong this morning for an all-school assembly. Ms. Duong shared information about her journey as a painter and then led a workshop with sixth graders during their art class. They created self-portraits using acrylic paint and a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol to make a unique pattern on the canvas. After, students glued down their self-portraits and added designs with acrylic markers.
  • Tenacre hosts first-ever interscholastic pickleball match

    Tenacre hosted its first-ever pickleball match today, when sixth graders took on their counterparts from The Chestnut Hill School. Tenacre added pickleball to baseball and softball as the spring season interscholastic athletic options for fifth and sixth graders. The two schools played a round robin format on four courts in Dareshori Gymnasium. Fifth graders served as line judges.
  • Kindergartners learn first-hand how Appledore will be moved

    Kindergartners recreated the upcoming Appledore move this morning in tech class. They used the same strategy that Erland Construction will use to move Appledore, but in a kindergarten-friendly format. Erland’s foreman even visited tech class to offer his advice on their project. Kindergartners started by building a block house on a piece of cardboard. They then leveled a rail, with tech teacher Dave Hamilton using a bubble leveler to make sure the rail was straight, adding cribbing (similar to a Jenga tower) to hold up the rail. Wooden dowels were used to roll the house and cardboard down the rail. The result? Kindergartners’ block houses moved down the rail, just as Appledore will on April 30!
  • Parents gather for hand-on class with Tenacre teachers

    A small group of Tenacre parents gathered last night for a hands-on design class with Dave Hamilton, Tenacre’s Director of Design Technology, and Lauren Howard, an Instructional Technology Specialist at Tenacre. Using the PAC foyer as their classroom, parents learned how to use Adobe Illustrator to create trivets from simple drawings, the same process Mr. Hamilton and Mrs. Howard use with Tenacre students when they create items in class. After each participant created a design on an iPad, the group moved to the laser cutter to watch it cut all the different pieces in minutes. Seeing the laser cutter in action proved to be as fascinating for the parents as it is for Tenacre students. The group also got to see the ShopBot, another new piece of equipment used to create larger pieces, including the set components for the spring musical. Inspired by the evening’s activities, the group had myriad ideas for other potential projects at Tenacre. There was great enthusiasm for what’s happening at Tenacre now, what we will be able to do in the future with new space, and a hint of envy that the students get to do this exciting work at school regularly!
  • Sixth graders participate in service learning at Rosie's Place

    As part of the Tenacre LEADS program, sixth graders participated in a service-learning project at Rosie’s Place on Tuesday. Rosie’s Place is a Boston-based organization that helps poor and homeless women maintain their dignity, seek opportunity, and find security in their lives. Lee Frechette, a member of Tenacre's Class of 1975 who formerly directed Tenacre’s outreach efforts and has volunteered at Rosie’s for many years, helped the sixth-grade class organize the visit. Before the visit, sixth graders researched Rosie’s website to learn about its history, mission, programs, and the people it serves. During the visit, students made Mother’s Day cards and worked collaboratively to assemble more than 150 gift bags for the women, as well as small bags of soap. This is the third year the sixth-grade class has visited Rosie’s. 
  • Tenacre welcomes acclaimed author Sy Montgomery

    Tenacre kicked off Earth Week by welcoming acclaimed author and naturalist Sy Montgomery to Tenacre today. Montgomery, who has spent her life exploring and documenting the wonders of the natural world, gave presentations to students this morning with Matt Patterson, illustrator of her most recent Sibert Honor award winning book, The Book of Turtles.
  • Third graders learn about anatomy of the eye and dissect cow eyes

    Tenacre third graders have been learning about the physical properties of light and the physiology and anatomy of the human eye. They dissected a cow eye specimen, which has a similar construction to the human eye. They saw first-hand the anatomical parts that they have been studying. The dissection exercise provided students with a relevant comparison to explain some of the various diseases and problems that arise with the eyes of any typical mammalian organism.
  • Fourth graders smash geodes

    In their science geology unit, fourth graders learned how the three main kinds of rocks are formed, and the physical changes they undergo in the rock cycle. They learned what makes a mineral a mineral and how minerals combine to form rocks. And they put their scientific skills to use, identifying various rocks and minerals by observing and testing for things such as transparency, luster, streak, hardness, magnetism, and acid reaction. Their unit wrapped up with using hammers to break open geodes to expose the beautiful, hidden crystal formations inside! 
  • Tenacre dancers perform for school community

    Tenacre’s After-School dance club, the Spirit of Dance, performed for the school community this morning. Their dance incorporated Afro-Jazz technique and included leaps, kicks, splits, and lifts.
  • Tenacre cheers on (and hydrates!) marathon runners

    Tenacre hosted its annual water stop at the Boston Marathon yesterday. Students, parents, and staff set up at their usual spot—the corner of Route 16 and Morton Street. Students cheered enthusiastically while handing out hundreds of cups of water to runners. Adrian Riseborough grilled burgers and dogs for any hungry Tigers, and everyone had a great day. Tenacre has been hosting this water stop for more than 20 years!
  • Sixth graders host immigrant panel discussion

    Sixth graders hosted their annual immigrant panel discussions today, concluding a social studies unit on immigration and urbanization. Students invited members of their families who have immigrated to the United States to participate in a panel discussion and share their “coming to America” stories. Eight relatives of sixth graders volunteered, and students prepared a series of questions for the panelists, who represented Venezuela, United Arab Emirates, Cape Verde, Albania, South Africa, Haiti, China, and Germany.
  • Second graders experience "Dot, Dot, Dot" at Greater Boston Stage

    Second graders attended the performance Dot, Dot, Dot at the Greater Boston Stage in Stoneham as part of a combined music and art class field trip. The performance focused on three books by award-winning children’s author Peter Reynolds. Tenacre’s art and music teachers hoped that students would take away the larger message of growth mindset, something our faculty very passionate about as Tenacre educators. Tenacre classrooms are areas where students can create, learn, and play, and Dot, Dot, Dot was a joyful reminder of what happens when we allow ourselves to do so. As they said in the performance—“it all starts with a squiggle and a dot!”
  • Used book fair a huge hit with students

    Students from every grade attended Tenacre’s annual used book fair today. Families donated gently used books, all of which were sold for 25 cents. The younger students in particular love the used book fair, since they are empowered to choose and buy books “on their own.” Teachers and parents are always available to help, of course! Little Friends in PK, kindergarten, and first grade attended with their Big Friends in fourth, fifth, and sixth grades, who helped guide their choices.
  • Tenacre community gathers for solar eclipse

    Members of the Tenacre community gathered this afternoon on Centennial Field to witness the total solar eclipse. Tenacre provided ISO-certified viewing glasses for all students and staff, and Tenacre’s design technology teacher even brough a small telescope for students to use. Students loved this living science lesson. Scientists say the next total solar eclipse won't be visible until August 22, 2044, but it will only shadow three states in its path. The next year, on Aug. 12, 2045, a total solar eclipse will span coast to coast, according to NASA.
  • March

    Sixth graders participate in their own version of "Shark Tank"

    Tenacre sixth graders recently completed a social studies unit on inventors. This interactive unit was loosely based on ABC’s hit program, “Shark Tank.” Students worked in small groups to come up with an invention they could pitch to a group of “mentors” (aka fellow students).  The mentors provided constructive feedback on everything from the invention itself to presentation skills and props. This unit provided hands-on lessons in collaboration, public speaking skills, and creativity.
  • Award-winning author Christina Soontornvat captivates students

    Tenacre was thrilled to welcome award-winning author, engineer, and STEM educator Christina Soontornvat to Wells Playhouse, where she presented two dynamic workshops to students from grades 2–6. Her many works for children include picture books, chapter books, and the bestselling graphic novel, The Tryout. She is a three-time Newbery Honor recipient, most recently for The Last Mapmaker, which was also named a Best Book of the Year recipient by The New York Times. She engaged the Tenacre students as she spoke about her life and how she started writing books after a career as a mechanical engineer.
  • Fifth graders earn second place and honorable mention in writing contest

    Two fifth graders at Tenacre Country Day School were recognized for their essays in the 2024 Will McDonough Writing Contest, earning second place and honorable mention. The Will McDonough Writing Contest, named in honor of the legendary Boston Globe sportswriter, takes place every year. In 2024, more than 1,000 students from across New England participated in the contest. The winners are chosen by Boston Globe Sports Editors. The contest is open to all students in grades 4 through 12. Every member of the fifth-grade class at Tenacre submitted a 400-word essay to the contest as part of a class writing assignment.
  • Tenacre students featured in online art gallery

    In Massachusetts during the month of March, the Massachusetts Art Education Association (MAEA) annually sponsors a statewide preK-12 Youth Art Month exhibit of student artwork submitted by art educators in public, private, and independent schools from across the state. Congratulations to the 14 Tenacre students who were featured in this online art gallery.
  • Kindergartners perform "Arctic Animal Antics"

    Kindergarteners performed their class play, Arctic Animal Antics (Out in the Cold): A Mini-Musical with Cold Climate Friends. A group of cold climate friends prepared for their annual Snow Ball, entertaining the audience with plenty of swinging songs. Bravo to kindergarteners!
  • Second graders transform classroom into "Bob's Burgers" for math challenge

    Second graders completed their money unit in math, with the objective of learning to add and subtract different amounts of money. In an activity challenge to celebrate the unit, the second-grade classroom was transformed into “Bob’s Burgers,” and students took turns ordering from a menu, adding the total amount of their order, and then figuring out how much change was owed. Bon appetit!
  • Kindergartners complete programming challenges with Beebots

    Kindergarten students have been learning about programming and 3D paper design in their recent Beebot unit in tech class. In addition to coding BeeBots step-by-step to move around, kindergartners learned about 2D and 3D shapes and designed 3D paper buildings as they worked in teams to build Beebot cities. After constructing the cities, kindergartners programmed their Beebots to travel around their cities. They also completed different coding challenges, including creating a 10-button program, making the Beebot move in a zig zag direction, programming the Beebot to move forward and backward; and rethinking a program and programming the Beebot in a different way. 
  • Tenacre hosts successful blood drive with American Red Cross

    Tenacre hosted its annual blood drive in conjunction with the American Red Cross today, collecting 29 units of blood. Thank you to students in grades 4–6 for creating posters, writing thank you notes, baking cookies, guiding donors, and assisting with the canteen and registration. And a special thanks to all of the individuals, including many Tenacre parents and teachers, who donated blood.
  • Third and fourth graders build community with Chestnut Hill School students

    Yesterday, Tenacre third and fourth graders spent most of the day participating in an elementary school community building day between Tenacre and The Chestnut Hill School for the second year in a row. We began this partnership last March when Tenacre third and fourth graders welcomed Chestnut Hill students to our campus. This year, TCHS students welcomed Tenacre students to their campus for a day of games, various workshops, and community building. Students had a great time making new friends and reconnecting with students they met last year.
  • February

    Sixth graders test their bridges in science class

    Sixth graders tested their popsicle stick bridges in science class this week, the culmination of an interdisciplinary project STEM project. Students are graded on the cost efficiency of the bridge, the load capacity (it must have a minimum load capacity of 10,000 grams), aesthetics, and the collaborative effort of each two-person team. In math class, students used their blueprints to assess the angles, incorporating their geometry skills. They used their technology skills to test their designs in the West Point Bridge software. If the design passed, they could move on to physically build the bridge and add their own personal designs. The bridges are tested in science class for how much weight they can hold before breaking. Many of the bridges held much more than the 10,000 gram minimum—success!
  • TPA hosts engaging sea turtle assembly

    The TPA Enrichment Committee hosted the Turtle Rescue League for two engaging assemblies (grades PK-2 and 3-6) this morning. Younger students learned that turtles were alive in the time of the dinosaurs and about their current habitats. Older students learned about the ten native species of turtles in Massachusetts, threats to turtles, and how Turtle Rescue League helps rehabilitate them. All students got a chance to see turtles, including some endangered species, up close. A huge thank you to the TPA for organizing such a great learning opportunity! 
  • Fifth graders showcase their custom-made "Operation" games

    Fifth graders recently completed a science project in which they created custom “Operation” games based on the classic Milton-Bradley game. Their custom games differed in that fifth graders designed all the parts, incorporated intricate circuitry, and infused them with Scratch coding. They themed each game around a science-related topic, making them both educational and entertaining. Fifth graders showcased their creations to their kindergarten Little Friends, who had a blast “playing” the games.
  • First and second graders have a blast ice skating

    First and second graders went ice skating this morning at the Babson Skating Rink. The students enjoyed an hour of free skating. This is part of Tenacre’s Physical Education curriculum, in which every grade participates in a recreational sports skill during P.E.
  • Girls Can affinity group members create inner positivity

    Tenacre’s Girls Can affinity group met this morning and made cans to affirm who they are and what they can do. This girls' activity was designed to amplify positive inner dialogue. In previous years, as a part of Tenacre’s Social Thinking curriculum, the students learned about "Inner Coach vs. Inner Critic." To amplify the positive messages of an inner coach, the girls designed a can label full of "I can" and "I am" statements to display when they face challenges and to give them the confidence to achieve goals. Each girl will take home the project and display it in a special place in their home.
    Tenacre’s Girls Can affinity group was created and named by students. The purpose of this group, which is open to girls in grades 5 and 6, is to create a respectful and fun environment in which girls discuss important issues, work together on projects, empower themselves and each other, and build their self-confidence. The group also helps participants be more supportive of each other to help navigate some of the difficult social dynamics that can be common at this age. 
  • First graders love seeing production of "Mr. Popper's Penguins"

    First graders saw the Wheelock Family Theatre production of “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” earlier this week and loved it. Since class plays and public speaking are an integral part of Tenacre’s curriculum for all grades, this was a great opportunity for first graders to watch a professional theatre production.
  • Fourth graders explore Harvard Natural History Museum

    Fourth graders visited the Harvard Natural History Museum yesterday, attending a workshop about skeletons and exploring the different museum exhibits. While exploring, they were tasked with being “animal detectives” by identifying different animals based on small clues that they were provided with. They used their science journals to record observations and drawings that inspired them.
  • Third graders perform energized "Yee-Haw!"

    Third graders performed “Yee-Haw!” this morning, a rollicking Western adventure on the “open range.” Bravo third graders!
  • Second graders perform the musical "Arf!"

    Second graders performed the musical “Arf!” this morning, sharing a canine tale of kindness, courage, and calamity that features German shepherds, Dalamtians, Boxers, poodles, and mutts. Congratulations to the second-grade class for a great performance!
  • Tenacre alumni gather Super Bowl Sunday

    Tenacre was thrilled to host more than 35 young alumni at King’s in Legacy Place on Super Bowl Sunday. Alumni from the Classes of  2018-2023 bowled, reconnected, enjoyed appetizers, and generally had a great time!
  • Great family night at Pizza Bingo

    The Tenacre TPA hosted its annual Pizza Bingo night last Friday, a popular family event that always draws a crowd. The volunteer parent MC provided an entertaining night, along with great music played by a Tenacre past parent who is kind enough to return year after year for the event! Thank you to all of the volunteers who made the night a great success for the kids.
  • Tenacre invited to Babson's NGWSD celebration

    Babson College invited Tenacre fifth and sixth grade members of the girls’ basketball teams to attend the Babson vs. Springfield College women’s basketball game last Saturday as part of National Girls and Women in Sports Day. After the game, Tenacre athletes stayed for a meet and greet with the players. A great afternoon for all!
  • PKers create shadow caster "monsters"

    In tech class this week, PKers learned how to use age-appropriate maker space tools—glue sticks, scissors, and hole punchers—to create “monsters.” They took paper scraps that had been cut on the laser machine and used their tools to combine the scraps into a shadow caster monster. After creating the monsters, they cast their monster’s shadow onto a screen and learned how shadows change size depending on how close the object is to the light source. They loved making their monsters “huge and scary” by putting the casters very close to the light source.
  • Students host Lunar New Year assembly

    A group of Tenacre students collaborated to host an all-school assembly this morning, sharing information about Lunar New Year. They each explained different aspects of the holiday. The holiday ended with a demonstration of a Tiger Dance, a traditional part of the New Year celebration.
  • First graders learn about measurement tools in science

    In science class, first graders are learning some common tools of measurement, including the balance scale, tape measure, meter stick, and rulers. They have been studying how an apple changes over time by keeping track of the changes seen within these measurements.
  • Sixth graders present their News Desk

    Sixth graders hosted their “News Desk” this morning at assembly. This is a presentation that groups of sixth graders host throughout the year. For each News Desk, a group of four students brainstorm a topic of their choice, collaboratively research the topic, prepare slides to show at assembly, and then present to the whole school from a “news desk.” This morning News Desk featured fun facts about Valentine’s Day.
  • Alumni return to speak at Tenacre assembly

    Two alumni returned to campus this morning to host an all-school assembly in honor of Tenacre’s 2023-2024 school theme of Pride. Kate Sahin ’18 and Ethan Faust ’07 each answered a series of pride-related questions written by sixth graders.
    Sahin, a senior at Concord Academy, is vice head of the student body. She had loved her time as a student leader on Tenacre’s Student Council and wanted to emphasize the theme of kindness as a student leader at Concord Academy. “I wanted to give back to the community, but I could never, ever, see myself giving a speech in front of the whole school,” she said.
    Sahin worked to overcome that fear by pushing herself outside of her comfort zone. “The only way to get through it is to do it,” she told Tenacre students.
    Faust, who is working full time writing novels, offered thoughtful advice to the Tenacre students. He spoke about the importance of finding out who you are, what you’re good at, and what you like doing. He explained that he had always loved sports growing up, but realized in high school he was not a top athlete. Instead, he channeled his love of sports into writing about sports and wrote for the student publication at Roxbury Latin. His work in that area led to a love of writing in general.
    As of February, Faust had written three complete novels and submitted them to various publishers. Faust told students to discover what is important to them, what they are good at, and see if those interests and skills develop into a passion like writing did for him. “It’s important to be proud of who you are and not just what you accomplish,” he said.
  • Fifth and sixth graders attend AISNE middle school DEI conference

    On Saturday, February 3, nine Tenacre fifth and sixth graders attended the AINSE Middle School DEI Conference at the Park School. This annual conference brings together more than 100 students in grades 5-8 across independent schools in New England. Students participated in a series of workshops and presentations geared toward embracing various kinds of diversity and learning more about themselves and their peers. The conference also presents our sixth graders in particular with the opportunity to engage with students they may attend school with next year and beyond. It was also wonderful to connect with several Tenacre alums.
  • Sixth graders recite speeches in longtime tradition

    After weeks of preparation, sixth graders stood in front of their peers this morning with the option of reciting the Gettysburg Address or Frederick Douglass’s “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July”. This tradition is part of the Grade 6 social studies curriculum and its focus on the Civil War. Donning the garb of the times—black top hat, white button down, and black coat--students stood in the front the library fireplace and invoked their own interpretation of Lincoln. Reciting these speeches has become a Tenacre tradition that students eagerly anticipate. Many alumni are able to recite the first paragraph years later!
  • PKers start their "stay days"

    PK students started their “stay days” in January, staying at school until 3:15 twice a week. These longer days allow PKers to attend art and yoga classes, and add a second science class to their weekly schedule. In addition, they eat lunch together, a community-building experience for the class.
  • Third graders paint the set for their class play

    In art class, third graders have been painting the set for their play, "Yeehaw," which will be performed on February 15. They were inspired by the Mission Mountain range in Montana and worked together to blend colors for their sky background and add texture to the grass in the foreground.
  • January

    Student artwork brightens these dreary winter days

    During these dreary January days, there is nothing like student artwork in the hallways to add a bright spot to your day: sixth graders created beautiful work during their weaving unit; third graders channeled their inner Claude Monet during their Impressionism unit; and kindergarteners painted colorful landscapes.
  • Second graders learn to tell "tiger time"

    Tenacre second graders are all sporting green tiger wrist watches for their unit on how to tell time. The watches, part of the Sixth Grade Class Gift this year, begin a new Tenacre tradition of all second graders receiving their own watches as they learn how to tell time. Telling time has always been a part of Tenacre’s Singapore Math curriculum, but with the prevalence of digital clocks, sometimes analog clocks get overlooked and are seen as a little "boring!" Grade 2 teachers are grateful to have received these fun and engaging tiger watches to spice up telling time a bit for our second graders!
  • Sixth graders have a blast tubing

    The sixth-grade class participated in their annual tubing trip last Friday afternoon, spending several hours at Nashoba Valley. Sixth graders always look forward to this tradition, when they get to spend an afternoon filled with friends, tubing, and hot chocolate—a great way to end the week!
  • First graders and PKers have a "ball" in P.E.

    First graders and PKers had a “ball” this morning learning the correct technique to throw. A first grader described the steps this way: “First we make a T; then we make an L; then we point at the target; then we step and throw!”
  • Sixth graders participate in MIT workshop

    On Tuesday, sixth graders took a field trip to MIT, where they participated in a workshop called Automata. Students used maker tools to create kinetic sculptures using mechanical motion. Led by MIT staff, the workshop integrated engineering, art and play for the Tenacre students, who collaborated to bring their mechanisms to life. After the workshop, students took a walking tour of parts of the MIT campus to observe the Stata Center, an iconic building designed by the famous architect Frank Gehry, and the Rogers buildings.
  • Tenacre TPA hosts family skating party

    The Tenacre TPA hosted its annual family skating party at the Babson College rink last Saturday, when Tenacre families gathered for a great evening on the ice. Families enjoyed pizza, hot chocolate, and great camaraderie—a great way to kick off the second half of the year! 
  • Tigers open their basketball season

    The Tigers opened their basketball season this afternoon—the sixth-grade boys hosted The Chestnut Hill school at Tenacre, and the sixth-grade girls played at Chestnut Hill. A great afternoon of basketball for the fans!
  • Students in grades 3-6 perform December Celebration

    After postponing the December’s winter concert until January 4, students created a joyful mood for the Tenacre community when grades 3–6 performed the concert today. The afternoon and evening performances were a wonderful way to start the new year. Happy 2024 to all!
  • Big Friends and Little Friends gather this morning

    PKers and fourth graders met this morning as part of the Big Friend Little Friend program to work on a winter craft together, creating winter snow globes. Both Big Friends and Little Friends look forward to gathering once a month to spend time together.
  • Fourth graders create bracelets for school theme

    Before leaving for December break, Tenacre fourth graders started working on their Pride Project in honor of the 2023-2024 school theme of Pride. Students brainstormed different words that inspire them and make them feel proud and then chose the word that meant the most to them. They wrote a paragraph about the meaning behind their word and drew accompanying illustrations. The culmination of the project was to create a bracelet with their word that they can wear with pride. Some of the words that students chose include protect, belief, kindness, and warrior.
  • Happy new year and welcome back!

    Happy New Year and welcome back! We hope everyone had a relaxing break. We are thrilled to have Tenacre students back on campus.

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