Technology at Tenacre

Technology skills are critical to success in the 21st century. Tenacre believes that technology is a tool for learning and teaching, thinking and creating, and building community locally and globally. Technology at Tenacre supports our mission, philosophy, and instructional goals. At Tenacre, technology is used to promote our goal of creating confident learners, critical thinkers, and engaged digital citizens throughout the community. The theme of its responsible and respectful use runs throughout the curriculum.
Tenacre Tech classes are designed to be studio experiences. In a studio classroom, the teacher guides students in hands-on problem-solving to solve complex, comprehensive problems. The studio model uses exercises like the skills boot camp to build knowledge and then synthesizes students’ knowledge in a project. Developmentally appropriate critiques, which often take the form of questioning conversation, are key to moving students through the iterative process effectively and developing universal and character skills along the way.

The Academic Technology staff are resources for collaborative, interdisciplinary, project-based learning in Tenacre classrooms, where students have 1:1 access to a variety of devices.  Work is hands-on, active learning through STEM-rich topics like programming and robotics, CAD, digital image editing, video production, prototyping, and testing. Projects encourage creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, perseverance, self-awareness, independence, and flexibility; skills that are the hallmark of a Tenacre education.