Fostering the Development of Each Child

Tenacre offers a structured and cohesive program that allows students the opportunity to build a strong foundation of basic skills while exploring their creativity and engaging their curiosity. 
Each day includes academic studies, times for artistic creativity and play, and learning opportunities that promote the academic, emotional, social and moral development of each child. The importance of critical thinking skills and the quest for academic excellence motivate all that we do.

In addition to the subjects taught in the homeroom, students attend art, music, technology, Spanish, science, library, and P.E classes taught by specialists several times a week. At Tenacre, the arts are not merely an add-on, but an integral part of the overall program. In each area, students are presented with intellectually stimulating content, and studies are often integrated across multiple disciplines. The low student-to-teacher ratio in the special subjects and homerooms ensures personalized attention and care.

Field trips, guest speakers, visiting authors, and artists, enhance the learning experience for students. Through this balanced program, Tenacre is able to nurture and challenge each child, while guiding students to become critical thinkers, confident learners, and caring citizens.