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As a learning hub, Tenacre's library program nurtures lifelong curiosity, love of story, and information savviness.
Tenacre's library curriculum is designed to foster empathetic problem solvers by using inquiry based research skills and explorations of multiple identities in literature. In a risk-taking, collaborative, and creative environment, students develop into critical thinkers, multimedia content creators, and avid readers.

The mission of Tenacre's library program is to encourage students to become effective users of ideas and information and to become life-long learners and lovers of reading and literature. Every student attends library class, from pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. Tenacre's library program introduces students to literature and exposes them to different authors and genres. In addition, Tenacre offers a Visiting Author's Program, bringing in a variety of authors to speak with students. Listening to authors speak can provide inspiration for students when they hear how a successful author may have struggled with writing or reading as an elementary school student.

The library program uses the conceptual framework of Windows and Mirrors to provide a lens for readers to both see themselves (mirror) and others (window) in a story. To find a mirror in a story allows the reader to see a reflection of some part of their identity, while to find a window in a story is an opportunity to discover another’s humanity. Tenacre’s philosophy is that we all need to have both windows and mirrors in our lives and on our bookshelves to nurture self esteem and foster global citizens. Discussions abound in the library about how a particular book might be a window or mirror for the reader and how to find both types of stories.

Sam Kane, Tenacre Librarian

We are wired for story. So if a person doesn't like reading, they just haven't found the right thing to read yet.
For specific information about the library curriculum in each grade, please visit Tenacre's Curriculum web page