• Sixth graders invent products, pitch them to a panel of "sharks"

    Tenacre sixth graders recently completed a social studies unit on inventors. This interactive unit was loosely based on ABC’s hit program, “Shark Tank.” Students worked in pairs to come up with an invention they could pitch to a group of “mentors” (aka fellow students). The mentors provided constructive feedback on everything from the invention itself to presentation skills and props. It was a great lesson in collaboration, public speaking skills, and creativity.
  • Tenacre "Jumps for Heart"

    Tenacre’s P.E. program completed its annual Jump for Heart unit today. During the month of February, students from Pre-K through Grade 6 learn about heart health in P.E. They also learn new jump rope skills and review the importance of cardiovascular fitness. Grades Pre-K - 1 have specific lessons on how the heart works, have the opportunity to listen to their hearts with a stethoscope, and learn how blood flows through their circulatory system. Students play many games that reinforce the importance of healthy eating and exercising to keep our hearts healthy.
  • Kindergartners perform class play, "The Little Red Hen"

    This morning, Tenacre kindergartners performed their class play, “The Little Red Hen,” the classic story of the hen who asks for help from other animals on the farm. Did the animals help her? Did she share her bread? Kindergartners did a great job telling the story!
  • Fourth graders visit Moakley Courthouse in Boston

    On Feb 1, fourth graders visited the John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse in Boston. After touring the facility, they examined a wall inscribed with the name of every person who either built the courthouse or was employed within its walls when it opened. They were listed with no regard as to whether they worked as a bricklayer or a judge, to show that everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. The Tenacre group also participated in a mock trial, based on the book Jessie Came Across the Sea, and centered around an immigration hearing on whether or not Jessie’s grandmother would be allowed to become a citizen. Students were given roles of judge, clerk, witness, juror, or attorney and were coached by members of the courthouse’s Education Department. It was a dynamic and hand-on learning experience for all.
  • Author Emily Jenkins visits Tenacre

  • First and second graders go ice skating this afternoon

    First and second graders had a blast when they went ice skating this afternoon as part of P.E. class. They spent an hour on the ice at Babson College, where plenty of teachers and parents were available on the ice to help as needed.
  • Students love attending Tenacre's used book fair

    Students from every grade attended Tenacre’s annual used book fair today. Families donated gently used books, puzzles, and books on CD, all of which were sold for 25 cents. The younger students in particular love the used book fair, since they are empowered to choose and buy books “on their own.” Teachers and parents are always available to help, of course! First graders attended the fair with the sixth grade “Big Friends,” who helped guide their choices.
  • Sixth graders learn to barter for goods

    Sixth graders learned how to barter this morning as part of their social studies and history unit. Each student was given an item to barter—a tool, a farming animal, a food-producing animal, etc—so he or she could obtain an item needed for the household. What followed was a lively exchange among the participants and an appreciation for strong bartering skills!
  • Rainy Monday creates indoor recess options

    There were lots of options for indoor recess this afternoon—basketball, chess, quiet reading, and even a community service blanket making project. First and sixth graders gathered to tie together fleece blankets for an organization that is still to be determined.
  • Sixth graders greet students with a smile and a handshake

    Sixth graders were at Tenacre’s front door this morning greeting students and shaking their hands as they arrived at school. Head of School Chris Elliot carries out these duties throughout the year, but sixth graders take over Wednesdays, starting in January. This responsibility is part of the sixth grade Tenacre leadership program.
  • Fourth graders snowshoe during P.E. class

    Fourth graders strapped on their snowshoes and took to Centennial Field yesterday during P.E. for a romp in the snow. Snowshoeing is part of a P.E. program in which every class learns a life skill. Every student in PK through grade 2 learns to ice skate; third and fourth graders experience hiking trips; fifth and sixth graders learn to cross country ski; and sixth graders have the added bonus of learning to canoe and kayak.
  • Parent and student play duet on violin at assembly

    Current parent Zhongling Li, a professional violinist and former Northeastern University music professor, gave a beautiful performance this morning at assembly with her daughter Leah, a Tenacre fifth grader. The duo played Wieniawski’s Etudes-Caprices and Pachelbel’s Canon.

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