• Sixth grade invention project mimics "Shark Tank"

    Tenacre sixth graders recently completed a social studies unit on inventors. This interactive unit was loosely based on ABC’s hit program, “Shark Tank.” Students worked in pairs to come up with an invention they could pitch to a group of “mentors” (aka fellow students). The mentors provided constructive feedback on everything from the invention itself to presentation skills and props. It was a great lesson in collaboration, public speaking skills, and creativity.
  • Tenacre students jump for heart health

    Tenacre’s P.E. program completed its annual Jump for Heart unit today. During the month of February, students from Pre-K through Grade 6 learn about heart health in P.E. They also learn new jump rope skills and review the importance of cardiovascular fitness. Grades Pre-K - 1 have specific lessons on how the heart works, have the opportunity to listen to their hearts with a stethoscope, and learn how blood flows through their circulatory system. Students play many games that reinforce the importance of healthy eating and exercising to keep our hearts healthy.
  • Happy Valentine's Day!

    HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY FROM TENACRE! Students in Pre-K and Kindergarten made valentines for their big friends as part of the Big Friend/Little Friend program. Kindergartners and fifth graders exchanged valentines this morning, and pre-kindergartners and fourth graders will have an exchange tomorrow. Pre-Kers were busy this morning decorating their valentines mailboxes.
  • Sixth graders design gargoyles in art class

    Sixth graders channeled their inner “grotesque” in art class, designing clay gargoyles. The basic forms could be slabs, domed slabs, cylinders, pinch pots, double pinch pots--or any combination that would help them create their vision for this project. They researched animal faces to use for features, in combination with what they have learned about human faces. The glazes were more subdued colors to evoke the look of stone.
  • Will the Groundhog predict an early spring?

    Third graders hosted an assembly this morning, explaining the history and meaning of Groundhog Day, which is tomorrow, February 2. They took a poll of the audience—with most voting that winter will be six weeks longer--and showed the bar graphs they made of an in-class poll. Third graders also explained that historically, the groundhog has seen his shadow in 102 of the past 119 years that data has been recorded – which is not good news for those who want an early spring!
  • First and second graders go ice skating

    First and second graders went ice skating this morning as part of the P.E. class. Students go multiple times to the rink at Babson College, where they take a skating lesson and enjoy some time for free skating.
  • Architect Dario DeMare engages students

    Architect Dario DeMare visited Tenacre today to talk about his work. DiMare, who designed the community center and performing arts space that are currently under construction, engaged students in speaking about the design process. After giving an all-school assembly, DiMare worked with fourth and sixth graders in their art classes.
  • Fourth graders engage in U.S. legal system at federal courthouse in Boston

    Yesterday, fourth graders visited the John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse in Boston, where they participated in a Discovering Justice program. Tenacre students toured the courthouse, participated in a mock trial, engaged in a Q&A session with a federal judge, and observed part of a real criminal trial. This eye-opening program was a great learning opportunity.
  • Sixth graders sign steel beam in new theatre space

    Sixth graders made their mark on the new construction space last Friday, signing their names on a steel beam above the Casey Hatheway Dunne '11 Stage. Since the sixth grade class will have graduated by the time the construction is finished, this is a nice way for the Class of 2017 to be a part of the new space. The students were very excited to see the construction up close, standing in the space that was their lunch room less than a year ago!
  • Starting off the new year on a positive note!

    Head of School Chris Elliot kicked off 2017 at Tenacre by reading a story during assembly this morning. "What Do You Do With a Problem?" tells the story of a child who has a problem and can't seem to escape it or make it go away. The child eventually decides to confront the problem head-on and discovers new opportunities within the problem. The moral of the story is to look at your problems and find the possibilities they hold, instead of focusing on the negative.

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