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June & August Swim Lessons

Please Note
Our June Swim Lesson program is separate from Day Camp.  This is a program that offers your child a week of 30 minute swim lessons in June. (When our regular Day Camp starts, the campers will have swimming lessons every day at camp.)  

Learning to swim is an essential life skill. The goal of the Tenacre Swim Lesson Program is to foster the development of your child's comfort, confidence, and skill level in learning to swim. The thirty-minute lessons are designed to improve water skills and stroke development while integrating important safety skills and fun activities. Tenacre does not use or allow flotation devices because we follow The Red Cross Progressive Learn to Swim Program. The teaching staff consists of skilled instructors who are accomplished in working with all ages and levels.

Swim Program
Tenacre follows The Red Cross Progressive Learn to Swim Program and is a registered, seasonal Learn to Swim program facility. For more information about swim levels and the Learn to Swim Program, please visit the Red Cross kids swim lesson website.

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  • Group Lessons (age 4 and up)

    Each class is comprised of a maximum of four children. The small group lessons are set by age and ability. Children may be moved to a different skill level based on their present performance or achievement.
  • Private Lessons (age 3 and up)

    The specialized one-on-one instruction is taught by an experienced instructor who has proven success in working with all ages and levels. The private lessons are designed for persons who would like the opportunity to work independently with an instructor.
  • Semi Private Lessons (age 4 and up)

    he Semi Private swim lessons offer two children the opportunity to interact with each other while receiving personal attention. Semi Private Lesson times are for ages 4 and up.
  • Is My 3 Year Old Ready for Swimming Lessons?

    When your child is 3 years old, they are developmentally ready to swim 1:1 with an instructor.  Most 3 year olds are able to follow instructions, which is an important skill for learning how to swim and for staying safe in the water. 

    If your child is 3 years old, but has trouble separating from you, or hasn't spent much time in the water, or seems nervous, it's a good idea to take a Parent & Toddler class before signing him/her up for private lessons.

    Swimming lessons for 3 year olds are focused on readiness skills. Children learn basic safety rules, breath control, and basic arm and leg movements. As children get older and become more experienced in the water, they learn more difficult swimming skills.
The Tenacre Swim Lesson Program is located on the campus of the Tenacre Country Day School in Wellesley, MA. The two outdoor, heated, in-ground swimming pools are designed to provide safe instructional settings.

2024 Registration Information

If you would like to be on our contact email list and receive the registration form, please email our Pool Director at

Dates & Rates

2024 Dates: June 17 - 21, Closed Wednesday, June 19

Pricing will be posted in the spring.

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Tenacre Day Camp is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA), and is celebrating more than 40 years of providing a safe, fun, wonderful day camp experience for children.  Learn why choosing an accredited camp is important. 

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