Summer Programs
June & August Swim Lessons

Swim Levels

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  • Level 1

    The focus of this level is on water adjustment. The goal is to develop comfort in the water in a trusting environment.
  • Level 2

    This level is for the beginner swimmer. Swimmers will develop a sense of comfort in the water with a swim instructor. This class focuses on basic skills: holding breath, fully submerging head for 3 seconds, floating, water bobbing, front and back kick, practicing front and back crawl arm action and combined stroke for 5 yards.
  • Level 3

    This level is planned for children who are ready to begin swimming on their own! Skills introduced are elementary backstroke, treading water, gliding, rhythmic breathing and continued work on front and back crawl stroke.
  • Level 4

    This level is designed to increase confidence and to refine front and back crawl and elementary backstroke. The breaststroke and sidestroke will be introduced. Rotary breathing, treading water and endurance will be key in this level.
  • Level 5

    Swimmers in this level work to refine their breaststroke and sidestroke! They will work on swimming underwater, stride jumps, butterfly kick and retrieving objects.
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