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Tenacre Art Gallery

The mission of the Tenacre Art Gallery (TAG) is to inspire, enrich and fuel the creative spirit of our students, staff and parents by presenting thought-provoking artwork and welcoming exceptional artists to the Tenacre Community. TAG hosted its first exhibition in the spring of 2007. When artists exhibit their work at Tenacre, they also agree to work with students in art class. This has been a wonderful opportunity for Tenacre students, who have learned from painters, photographers, illustrators and other artists.

Current TAG artist: Barbara Owen, Tenacre Art Teacher

TAG welcomes our very own Barbara Owen, Tenacre's art teacher since 1986. Mrs. Owen says that her favorite parts of teaching at Tenacre might include:
  • curriculum planning/developing each step of projects so there is an opportunity for learning in manageable, sequential steps
  • designing the signs that explain the projects to visitors perusing the displays
  • being able to work with and teach a multi-dimensional weaving of art that includes art media, art history and cultures, art skills, personal expression, and problem solving
  • and most of all, seeing the many ways a class of students finds to develop and expand on the ideas of each project
  • and, of course, working with a supportive and inspiring group of colleagues every day
When she is not at Tenacre, Mrs. Owen might be found walking the paths of Wellesley, paddling her kayak on the Charles River or in New Hampshire, reading a book, working on an art journal, or weeding in her garden.

Artist Barbara Owen

Tenacre nurtures and challenges each child, every day.