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Tenacre Art Gallery

The mission of the Tenacre Art Gallery (TAG) is to inspire, enrich and fuel the creative spirit of our students, staff and parents by presenting thought-provoking artwork and welcoming exceptional artists to the Tenacre Community. TAG hosted its first exhibition in the spring of 2007. When artists exhibit their work at Tenacre, they also agree to work with students in art class. This has been a wonderful opportunity for Tenacre students, who have learned from painters, photographers, illustrators and other artists.

Current TAG Artist

Cindy Cuba Clements is an abstract artist living in Newton, Mass. She primarily identifies as a painter, yet incorporates mixed media into her work and increasingly experiments with sculptural elements. Cindy is a passionate, expressive artist: her work communicates her emotions through gesture, line, form and color.

Originally from New York, Cindy loved art from the time she was a little girl. She took art classes while growing up and though her school years and spent much time in her beloved art museums in New York City. Her artistic inclinations, however, took a back seat to other pursuits. She became an attorney, practicing in New York and then Boston, until she retired to raise a family. Cindy later returned to the arts, which she committed to fervently.

Cindy has studied and collaborated with many local artists and teachers and shown her work in group and solo shows in numerous locations throughout New England. She has also engaged as an arts advocate, serving for seven years as a councilmember of the Massachusetts Cultural Council. She feels quite strongly about the value the arts bring to our communities. You can see Cindy’s work on her website at and follow her Instagram account: cindyclementsart.

Artist Cindy Cuba Clements

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