Fingerprints - Book Your Appointment

Q. How do I register for a fingerprint appointment?
A. If you have been offered a position with the camp, you will need to register (online) for an appointment to have your fingerprints taken at one of the MorphoTrust USA IdentoGo™ enrollment centers.  Also, our Private School (Tenacre Country Day School) has been assigned an Organization Code by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE). This code will serve as the Provider Identification Number for fingerprinting registration. 

The fee is $35, and so if you save your receipt and submit it to us, we will reimburse you.


Click the Online Scheduling link.

To see a complete list of MorphoTrust USA IdentoGo™ enrollment centers in Massachusetts, click on the Locations link.

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The PROVIDER ID number is : 03170830

THE AGENCY/SECTOR is : Pre-K-12th Grade Education (ESE)

APPLICANT TYPE:  Please select "all other school personnel"  (NOT licensed educator)

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