Technology skills are critical to being an engaged, productive, successful participant in the 21st century. We believe that technology is a tool for learning and teaching, thinking and creating, and building community locally and globally. Technology at Tenacre supports our mission, philosophy, and instructional goals.

At Tenacre technology is used to promote our goal of creating confident learners and critical thinkers by:

  • facilitating and reinforcing fundamental skills such as reading, writing, and calculating by using programs like online flash cards, Read Naturally and IXL math practice.
  • enhancing traditional curriculum areas and the construction of knowledge as well as inspiring innovative curriculum through the use of online resources such as visual models and simulations, the Museum of Fine Arts collection database and virtual field trips.
  • using digital tools to gather, evaluate and use information such as spreadsheets, graphing programs and scientific probes.
  • encouraging creativity and innovation by using multimedia software, creating videos, musical compositions and podcasts.
  • providing new approaches to effective communication and collaboration, and presenting different points of view by using tools like wikis and online private discussion forums.
  • encouraging critical thinking and supporting authentic problem solving through activities such as building and programming robotic models.
  • helping to meet the needs of students with diverse achievement levels, learning styles and interests.
  • Technology is used to promote our goal of creating caring citizens by bringing people together and breaking down barriers associated with background and geography that limit communication and understanding.
  • facilitating dialogue between and among students, teachers, parents, school and home, our school and other schools and our school and different cultures.
  • promoting cyber citizenship by addressing the moral, ethical and safety issues related to using technology.

Technology supports productivity, research, learning, global connections and innovation for teachers and administrators. In addition, technology can help improve the efficiency of administrative tasks and the effectiveness of communication between teachers, administrators and all of Tenacre’s constituents.

There are two aspects to Tenacre's technology program. We have technology classes in our computer lab for grades 1-6. Grade 1 has technology class 40 minutes a week. Grades 2-6 have technology class for 80 minutes a week. The goal of these classes is to teach fundamental computer skills and introduce tools for learning.

To support integration of technology in the classroom we have 4 mobile carts of laptops for classroom use along with projectors and interactive white boards in every classroom. In addition, we have kits of microphones, cameras, and video cameras for student use in the classrooms.
Tenacre nurtures and challenges each child, every day.