About Tenacre

Diversity & Inclusiveness

Tenacre values inclusiveness and diversity—and our curriculum reflects it. From pre-kindergarten through sixth grade, we work with children to guide their understanding and appreciation of our different cultures, religions, races, genders, socioeconomic differences, and family structures. We prepare our students to be good global citizens with a deep awareness of the importance of history, geography, and current events. We study other cultures, other languages, and other points of view. That is one of the many ways we create caring citizens.

Staff Opportunities

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  • Annual Faculty/Staff Trainings

    Tenacre provides annual professional development around diversity for faculty and staff. In 2015-2016, our school community focused on gender/identity training and class awareness. Dr. Jennifer Bryan, from Finch Consultants, worked with faculty, staff, and parents. In addition, the group Class Action led a workshop for faculty and staff. Last summer, all faculty and staff read the book "Class Lives" and discussed it during meetings before school started.

    In addition, all faculty and administrators are required to attend an intensive 3-day diversity workshop at some point over the next five years. By the end of the school year 2015-2016, almost half of the faculty will have attended a program.
  • Faculty/Staff Diversity Group

    Faculty and staff sign up to work more deeply on a specific topic each year. For 2015-2016, the group is focusing on socio-economic differences using the book "Class Lives." The group then created a list of "Guiding Principles for Difficult Conversations" to help both staff and parents more easily navigate tricky questions or situations.

    In addition, time is set aside at every faculty meeting for conversations about diversity and inclusiveness issues.  
  • Director of Inclusiveness/Diversity Initiatives

    Tenacre employees Diana Barrett as its Director of Inclusiveness and Diversity Initiatives. Her job includes being part of the administrative team, hiring, reviewing curriculum, chairing the staff diversity committee, co-chairing Stuversity and generally serving as an anti-bias resource around issues of race, class, gender, religion, ability, family structure, and other areas. If you would like to contact Diana, her email is diana_barrett@tenacrecds.org.

About Us

  • 23% students of color
  • 17% students on aid (close to $1 million in financial aid each year)
  • from 25 towns and 4 neighborhoods in Boston
  • 14% faculty of color

Student Opportunities

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  • Affinity Groups

    Stuversity: Stuversity offers students of color in the fourth, fifth, and sixth grade an opportunity to come together in an environment where they make up the majority. Topics explore how race and identity might apply directly to them. Past topics have included: What does one's heritage mean? How are different stereotypes displayed in movies, books, and music? Do assumptions hurt or help you?

    Girls Group: The Girls Group is open to girls in the fifth and sixth grade and considers the experience of being a girl at Tenacre and in society in general. Topics have include the exploration of athletics, math classes, and media ads.

    Boys group: The Boys Group is open to boys in the fifth and sixth grade and considers topics related to being a boy at Tenacre and in society in general.
  • Additional Opportunities

    Multicultural group: Tenacre offers a Multicultural group, a group for all 5th and 6th graders who are interested in multicultural issues and in exploring the rich cultures that exist at Tenacre and in our larger world. Past topics include what is culture, the importance of language, stereotypes, and what is a home.

    Stuversity: The primary purpose of this discussion group is to provide a time and place for students of racially diverse backgrounds to come together in an environment where they make up the majority. It is an opportunity for those students to discuss how race and identity apply to themselves and others in the community. The group strives to create an overall positive experience for all students at Tenacre. See our Stuversity page.

    Conferences: Tenacre 6th grade students who are interested can attend the Middle School Diversity Fair and the Middle School Children of Color fair.

Parent Opportunities

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Tenacre nurtures and challenges each child, every day.