About Tenacre

Welcome from Head of School


Head of School Chris Elliot
At Tenacre, we embrace the elementary years. As a Pre-K through Sixth Grade day school, we offer a dynamic and exciting environment in which children progressively develop critical thinking skills, become confident and joyful learners, and move forward into higher education and life as caring citizens.

At the heart of our educational philosophy is the critical need to balance nurture and challenge. Nurture, particularly in the younger years, allows children to grow, feel safe and develop an empowering sense of confidence –- an “I can do it” feeling. Challenge takes on a greater role as students welcome the opportunity to prove themselves in many different learning situations.

Tenacre is a highly personalized school. Our teachers know all the students by name. Older children look after the younger ones, and younger children look up to the older ones. In this warm and supportive community we are all learners striving to discover and expand our best abilities, helping others to do the same.

We believe that our students should be well rounded, and we have designed a curriculum that includes reading, math, social studies, science, Spanish, art, music, library, and physical education. We offer technology classes where students learn to use different computer programs, which are then applied in the classroom. At Tenacre we are interested in the social, emotional, and moral development of our students and, as a small school, the how and when to foster this. Our graduates are excellent students and excellent citizens.

Every child at Tenacre is a full participant, a valued contributor to our vibrant community. In classrooms, on the playing fields, in art, music and drama – our students are actively engaged in their own education. It is our belief that when every child has multiple opportunities to succeed, every child can and will succeed.
We love being an elementary school. We often call the sixth grade year, “The Leadership Year,” because sixth graders have public speaking opportunities, serve as admission tour guides, direct Student Council, and act as Big Friends to their Little Friends in first grade. Sixth graders step forward to meet these numerous leadership moments and excel. They are our school leaders during their final year at Tenacre and head off to secondary school full of confidence.

I hope you will visit Tenacre. You’ll find a friendly atmosphere, a place where academics and fun go hand in hand, and a school that promotes a love of learning. As a community of children and adults, we strive to work hard, to find joy, and to be kind. Please call, and we will be happy to arrange a tour.

Chris Elliot
Tenacre nurtures and challenges each child, every day.