Students participate in civil rights unit

Jaleesa Anselm, Tenacre’s director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, is teaching a Civil Rights unit to students in Grades 3-6 this month. The lessons will cover numerous topics, starting with what led up to the Civil Rights movement, including direct connections to enslavement. Students will then start a focused study of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., his life, and his beliefs, as well as other activists like Malcolm X, Bayard Rustin, Thurgood Marshall, Claudette Colvin, Ella Baker, and John Lewis. Students will conclude the unit by learning what it was like to be a student at that time, using first-hand accounts from The Little Rock 9 and The Greensboro 4. The lessons will culminate on February 2 with a virtual visit from Ruby Bridges, an activist who was the first Black/African American child to desegregate the William Frantz Elementary School in Louisiana in 1960.
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