Students connect through all-school assembly and tree planting

Tenacre Head of School Will Crissman hosted an all-school assembly this morning, the first time the student body has been “together” since school closed in March. There was a lot of excitement as students saw each other and connected verbally or through the Zoom chat and “wave” functions.
The purpose of the assembly was for Mr. Crissman to talk about Orchard Day, a beloved Tenacre tradition in which the student body honors sixth-graders as their time at Tenacre draws to a close.

This year marks Tenacre’s 68th Orchard Day, and the format will be quite different from past years. Students in grades 1-5 are preparing tributes to the sixth-graders, as they usually do. Instead of being presented in person, the tributes will be presented electronically next week, providing a permanent way for sixth-graders to remember the tributes.

Even though Orchard Day will be a virtual celebration this year, first-graders had the opportunity to take part in one of the most meaningful traditions of Orchard Day, when they planted their apple tree in the orchard this afternoon They signed up for individual time slots to help plant their tree, with each of them adding a shovelful of dirt to their tree. It was a wonderful way for the class to connect with Tenacre.
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