Tenacre welcomes TAG artist Jason Boucher

A mason by trade with a deep-rooted passion for art, Jason Boucher is a self-taught painter, illustrator, muralist and portrait artist located in the Boston area. Jason presented an assembly to Tenacre students this morning and then worked with fourth-graders in art class. His recent work includes several children’s book illustrations, including Darlene the Drama Queen series, Courage for Charlie, and The Allergy Avengers, as well as large-scale murals for several local institutions and restaurants such as Bar Louie at Patriot Place in Foxboro. Jason specializes in assisting authors that publish stories about people with physical or emotional differences.

Jason has worked for Consigli Construction Co., Inc. since 2007 where he has built a career in construction while applying his artistic talents in the form of intricate masonry craftsmanship. His resume of projects includes work for local high-profile institutions such as Wellesley College, Trinity Church in Boston, and several historic buildings throughout the Harvard University campus. While his work as an illustrator has provided additional life to an author’s words, his abilities as a mason has restored and preserved notable landmarks.
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