Students develop and host assembly for Black History Month

A group of Tenacre fifth- and sixth-graders planned, created, and hosted an all-school assembly about Black History Month last Thursday. One of the students approached Assistant Head of School Lou Anne Collins about his idea and worked with her to develop the format. Traditionally, Tenacre has incorporated black history into its curriculum instead of hosting an annual assembly. Mrs. Collins however, has always encouraged students to approach her if they have something they would like to share during an assembly. She and the student invited any fifth- and sixth-graders to participate, and seven additional students expressed interested and joined the team. Faculty member DaJaun Owens joined Mrs. Collins in guiding the group.
Over the course of several weeks, the eight students gave up recesses and held discussions about what to include and how to present the information. At the assembly last week, each of the eight students shared introductory information and/or highlighted a black American and the important contributions he or she has made to Black History in the United States. Each student ended with why that black American inspired him or her personally.
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