Kelsey Tainsh offers motivational words about gratitude

Tenacre students learned lessons in gratitude and kindness today by listening to the motivational message of Kesley Tainsh, a 27-year-old survivor of two bouts with cancer and a stroke. Kelsey was invited to speak about Tenacre’s 2019-2020 Gratitude theme.
Kelsey spoke about the gratitude she feels every day, despite the hardships she has experienced. Diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 5, Kelsey had the tumor removed and recovered. She went on to excel in wakeboarding, and by the age of 13, was ranked third in the world. When Kelsey was 15, she started having seizures and discovered the tumor had returned. While undergoing surgery, Kelsey had a stroke that left her right side paralyzed.

“I was paralyzed and scared and felt sorry for myself,” Kelsey said in her presentation to students. Kelsey explained that initially she sat in her hospital bed with a bad attitude, but eventually realized she had a choice: she could continue to feed her negative attitude or she could choose to fight for her recovery with a positive mindset. Kelsey changed her attitude and realized how lucky she was to be alive. She has since recovered mobility in everything but her right wrist and hand. She now embraces her disability and said she wouldn’t go back and changes the course of events, even if she could.

“I learned to love who I am now and what makes me different,” she said.

Kelsey now crisscrosses the country speaking to different groups and is currently trying to qualify for the Paralympics in snowboarding. Tenacre students listened intently to her presentation and asked numerous questions.
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