What differentiates Tenacre from a public school education?

Families considering private elementary school often wonder if the education is worth the cost—especially if the family lives in a town with excellent public schools. What differentiates Tenacre from strong local public schools?

At Tenacre, academic rigor and small class size allow children to thrive. Tenacre’s team teaching approach ensures that each class has two, full-time, highly qualified co-teachers. Most classwork is done in groups of 12 students or fewer, with math and reading groups as small as six students in Grades 1 and 2. This allows Tenacre to challenge its students at a level appropriate to each and every student.
Individualized attention like this would be virtually impossible at a public school.
In addition, Tenacre embraces Special Subjects* and integrates them throughout the curriculum, from pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. Rather than reducing the amount of time in these classes, as some public schools are forced to do because of budget cuts, students spend a significant amount of time each week in Specials. Each Special Subject teacher is trained in his or her discipline and only teaches that subject.

Tenacre’s small size allows students to work closely with teachers on both academic and social issues. Each child and family is individually known, because of Tenacre’s small and welcoming community. Sixth graders are groomed to be school leaders, developing skills and confidence every year. When they leave Tenacre, they are prepared to jump into life at middle school.

(*Special Subjects include science, Spanish, technology, music, art, library, and physical education)
Tenacre nurtures and challenges each child, every day.