2nd graders discuss topics of race, war, and culture

Second graders read Ruth and the Green Book and discuss segregation and how it must have felt like not being able to stay in hotels, buy gas, or eat in restaurants because of skin color. We also discuss how dangerous it was to travel in the South if you were a Black person. Discussion goes into the author, Victor Green, and how it was dangerous for him to write and distribute this book. Second graders also read Martin's Big Words and make posters for his quotes, which demonstrate that Martin believed in love and not war. Martin was a big believer that words were far more effective than weapons. Towards the end of the year, second graders have a research project on China. During this study, we compare our culture with the culture of school children who live in an urban part of China and a rural part of China. As a class, we look at foods, festivals and clothing worn by many Chinese people. Second graders also read Meet Yasmin!, a story about a south Asian girl who lives in the US.
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