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Tenacre Traditions
Traditions are important. They unite students with a sense of belonging and shared responsibility to one another. They bring teachers and students together as dedicated learners, committed to the joys of education and high achievement. They create a community of students, teachers, parents, grandparents, alumni and friends of the school in which all are valued and all have a vital role to play. Traditions unite people in mind and spirit, and this unity translates into pride in one’s school and, equally important, in one’s self. At Tenacre we have a number of special events that take place annually.

Annual Theme
Each year, Grade Five students, with assistance from the faculty, choose a school-wide annual theme that will be integrated the following year, when they are sixth graders. Themes usually focus on a character or moral issue such as respect, friendship, honesty, courage and leadership. Teachers and students alike find various ways to weave this theme into classrooms, assemblies and extracurricular activities. Sixth grade students are expected to serve as role models and leaders in exhibiting the positive qualities of this theme. This tradition was started in 1995.
The School Theme for 2015-2016 is Resilience.

Apple Pie Run

The Apple Pie Run is a one- or two-mile fun run held on a Saturday in October. Each participant can run or walk a one- or two-mile loop around campus. The finish line for this family event is in Tenacre's apple orchard. At the end of the race, each participant receives his/her time and an apple pie to take home (donated by Roche Brothers). Money raised from entrance fees is used to support the Physical Education program, and leftover pies are given to a local food pantry.
December Celebration and Candles of All Colors
In December, students sing in a holiday performance. Children in kindergarten, first grade, and second grade participate in Candles of All Colors, which describes the many ways candles are used for celebrations during the month of December. Their performance usually takes place the first week in December. Children in grades three through six participate in December Celebration, which incorporates songs, dances and readings honoring Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas and other family traditions. Performances take place the third week in December.
Orchard Day
In the spring, all students eagerly anticipate Orchard Day, a Tenacre tradition since 1952. Each spring, when the apple blossoms are at their peak in the Phyllis Scoboria Orchard, students in Grades 1-5 prepare a skit or poem that honors the sixth graders and says “good-bye” to them. Each sixth grader is presented a gift by the school. The first grade plants its class apple tree, and the entire school joins in the singing of the Tenacre Song. This very special tradition brings the school together in a symbolic way to remind future generations of those who came before them. Orchard Day is a special event for children and staff.
Annual Events Videos
Candles of All Colors: "Candles of All Colors"