• Thursday, February 04, 2016
    Sixth graders sharpened their debate skills this afternoon during social studies, when they debated the pros and cons of having a dress code at Tenacre. The class divided into two groups, with each of the two groups following this debate model: teams of three students argued for and against the dress code, and a jury of six students listened to arguments before making an objective decision. Debaters researched the topic, practiced their public speaking skills, and learned to be quick on their feet with responses. The jury took notes during the arguments and used the information to make an impartial decision – no matter how they personally felt about the topic. Past topics for this project have included the death penalty and wind farms on Nantucket Sound.
  • Monday, February 01, 2016
    Chess is in full swing at Tenacre, with students from kindergarten through sixth grade participating at varying levels. An outside instructor and chess master conducts beginner and intermediate/advanced classes. The beginner classes receive a twenty-minute lecture and demonstration followed by a half hour of play. The intermediate/advanced group receives instruction followed by tournament play to sharpen their skills and strategy in a more competitive environment. Some groups meet during lunch, some after school, but all of them have fun!
  • Tuesday, January 26, 2016
    Yesterday, Tenacre hosted 14 educators from area schools for an EV3 Robotics workshop. The goal of the workshop was to train teachers to teach this robotics program in their classrooms. Beth Green, Tenacre’s Director of Instructional Technology, attended the workshop. This robotics program will be taught to sixth graders in the coming months. “This allows us to extend the programming part of our technology curriculum into the sixth grade,” Green said. The Class of 2016 Gift provided funding for this curriculum expansion, which enriches Tenacre’s STEM programming.
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