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After-School Programs

After-School Programs
MidDay Program
The MidDay Program offers care and activities for children in Pre-Kindergarten on Mondays through Thursdays, and for Kindergarten children on their half days, Monday and Wednesday, taking those enrolled through to the end of the regular school day at 3:25 PM. Sign-up is through a contract that must be completed by September for the first semester and January for the second, for one or more days. Enrollment is limited and, due to staffing concerns, the program cannot accommodate drop-ins. The Program is designed to provide a low-key afternoon for the children. The format of the afternoon is one of a flexible nature, while simultaneously maintaining Tenacre's philosophy of nurturing and challenging the students. From conversations at the lunch table to art activities and free choice, the children are guided through social interactions and are provided ample time to reflect upon their morning accomplishments. For further information about the MidDay Program please contact Julie Connelly at (781) 235-2282.
After-School Program
The After-School Program recognizes that following a full school day, children of all ages need the opportunity to make their own choices. At After-School, students can choose among structured projects, small group activities and games, and unstructured individual time. With this in mind, After-School provides a rich play environment in a well-supervised, relaxed, "neighborhood-style" setting. Each afternoon begins with a snack, including fruit. One or more daily art or craft projects are highlighted. Cooking, relay games, and disassembling typewriters and other mechanical objects have been some of the recent favorite options. For the older children, After-School provides quiet time for completing homework. Friday field trips and in-house special events are advertised in the weekly school newsletter, the Greenleaf. Program hours are 3:25 - 6:00 PM Monday through Thursday, and 12:15 - 5:00 PM on Friday. Contract sign-up can be for one day to five days per semester and drop-ins are always welcome!
Chess Lessons
Tenacre offers chess lessons during the winter. Chess builds important thinking and problem-solving skills, in addition to being a game one can play for a lifetime. We’ve watched how quickly even the youngest children grasp the rules and strategies, while having a great time playing. The Chess Club provides classes free of charge to every Kindergarten student interested in participating. Sign-up is for one of two, 4-week sessions to be held in January and February on Mondays right after school from 11:45 to 12:45. For Grades 1 through 5, classes for beginner/intermediate and advanced are offered. Sign-up is in early December with classes beginning in January. Chess Master Lou Mercuri teaches the classes. Snack is provided during each class.