Tenacare Country Day School


Why Choose Tenacre?

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7 Great Reasons for Choosing Tenacre
  1. TENACRE NURTURES AND CHALLENGES EACH CHILD, EVERY DAY:  Every day, teachers and staff at Tenacre provide the right amount of age-appropriate nurture AND challenge to make sure your child grows academically and socially. By the time your child leaves Tenacre, he or she will be thoroughly prepared to succeed at the next academic level.
  2. OUR CURRICULUM CREATES AN EXCELLENT ACADEMIC FOUNDATION:  Academic growth begins in Pre-Kindergarten and continues through Grade 6 with language arts, math, science, and social studies at the center of our program. The importance of critical thinking skills and the quest for academic excellence permeates all that we do. We offer a structured, cohesive program with intellectually stimulating content that often integrates studies across disciplines.
  3. A RICH MIX OF SPECIAL SUBJECTS CONTRIBUTES TO CHALLENGING THE WHOLE CHILD:  Special subjects like technology, Spanish, science, art, music, library, and physical education are an important part of each child’s day at Tenacre and create a well-rounded student. Collaboration between Homeroom and Special subject teachers deepens understanding as students explore topics across multiple disciplines.
  4. OUR STUDENTS LEARN TO SPEAK WITH CONFIDENCE:  Learning to feel comfortable on stage or speaking in front of groups is part of the Tenacre experience for all students. Starting in Pre-Kindergarten, each class performs a play in front of the whole school. Public speaking is incorporated into the academic curriculum as well, with students sharing work with the community during weekly assemblies.
  5. TEAM TEACHING PROVIDES EXCEPTIONAL BENEFITS FOR STUDENTS:  Each grade at Tenacre has two full-time teachers. This model allows teachers to create flexible, small group student sections, ensuring that each child is receiving the instruction and attention that he or she needs. Team teaching also provides a positive role model of what a successful working collaboration looks like— skills that all students will need as they move on to secondary schools.
  6. TENACRE PROVIDES GENEROUS FINANCIAL AID:  Many families mistakenly believe they do not qualify for financial aid. However, there is no specific income level at which a family is no longer eligible for aid. Each year, Tenacre allocates almost 10% of its budget to financial aid. For 2015-2016, Tenacre has awarded close to $1 million to 18% of its students. The average grant this year is almost $20,000 and could cover our MidDay and After School programs, in addition to tuition. Applying for financial aid does not affect your chances for admission.
  7. COMMUNITY IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF THE TENACRE EXPERIENCE:  Tenacre is a small and inclusive community. We value having diverse families from many different backgrounds and draw students from 26 towns. As a community of children and adults, we strive to work hard, find joy, and be kind.
Why Choose Tenacre?