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Half Day Specialty Programs with a Full Day option

Half Day Programs with a Full Day option
Q. If I sign my child up for one or more of the Half Day Specialty Programs, can my child stay for a full day? 
A. YES!  You can sign up for a full day, and your child will join a DAY CAMP group for the afternoon from 12pm - 3:15pm.  Aftercamp child care is also available until 6pm.  In the afternoon, your child will swim and participate in other fun day camp activities.  If your child is attending the Day Camp during other weeks of the summer, he/she will join the same camp group when they leave their specialty program at 12pm.  Your child will need to bring a lunch (or purchase a lunch), swim suit, and towel.

Snack & Lunch

Camp provides a mid-morning snack, and children (staying full day) bring their own lunch, which is refrigerated. Camp provides water both at snack and lunch.  Campers can bring their own drink for lunch. 

NOTE: If your child is participating in a Half Day Specialty Program (not joining a Day Camp) and leaving at 12PM, your child will be dismissed BEFORE lunch time.

You also have the option to purchase a kid-friendly lunch provided by the camp. If you would like to buy lunch for your child, there will be a form to do so, and you will need to purchase lunch for the entire week.  Each day there is a Hot & Cold (nut-free) lunch option prepared and packaged in our NEW commercial kitchen right on the premises. Our kitchen is run by professionals that work with children during the school year. In addition to the hot and cold options that are on the menu each day, the kitchen staff tries to accommodate all major allergens with a prior weeks notice. Sun butter jelly sandwiches, gluten, and dairy free options are all available daily.

Lunch Menu
When the 2020 Lunch Menu is finalized with our Head Chef, it will be posted online in the spring.  Please scroll to the bottom of this web page and click through the calendar until you see the summer weeks:

All campers, whether they bring or buy a lunch, will be provided with water.  Drinking water throughout the day is encouraged by all of our staff.  Campers can bring/pack a drink in their lunch bag which is refrigerated.

Many parents choose Tenacre specifically because of the precautions we take to protect children with allergies.  We are an allergy aware camp, and many of our campers have food allergies, and life-threatening allergies to peanuts/treenuts.  If a camper has an EpiPen for his/her food allergy, the camper's lunch will be kept in the Directors' refrigerator.  Campers are not allowed to share food. 
Tenacre nurtures and challenges each child, every day.