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COVID-19 and Summer 2021

Updated April 2021

We are very excited for Summer 2021!
As anticipated, the state released its guidance for camps at the end of March.  We have been working with our local board of health to bring those guidelines into focus.  We are hard at work preparing, and below are the 2021 COVID protocols and plans for this summer.  There will be more details coming, and those details will be provided to all enrolled families in our COVID-19 Addendum to the Parent Handbook.  It is important to note that the plans listed below in this email are as of today.  It is possible that these could change as we get closer to camp.  

Communication During Camp
:  The camp will use BLACKBOARD (the same communication system used by the Tenacre Country Day School) for sending out emergency notifications to camp families this summer.  We need every family to provide email addresses and home/work/mobile numbers so that you can be reached at any time. 

Swimming at Day Camp
:  We are excited to tell you that swimming is a go!  Swimming lessons that require contact are allowed in Phase 4, step 1. We are creating a new schedule so that capacity is limited, and all of our campers (3 - 12 years old) will be able to swim in the pools once per day.  The 3 and 4 year olds will have a swim lesson, with one group at a time in the pool.  The 5 - 12 year olds will have a swim lesson, with 2 groups at a time in the pools. NOTE: We plan to open registration for our June Swim Lesson program in early May.  The dates of our June Swim program are June 14 - 18 and June 21 - 25.  

Inclement Weather:  We used the guidance of 6 feet apart, and the available indoor spaces of our school buildings to determine the number of children we can have at camp. Camp will be open on rainy days.  The campers will stay outside most of the day when weather permits. During inclement weather, the groups can go inside to their assigned home base classrooms.  We also have 7 tents that will provide shade and cover from the rain.   

Health Screenings
:  All parents/guardians will need to conduct a screening check at home on their camper(s) prior to arriving to camp each morning via the My Med Bot app.  All campers and staff must pass the screening before they can be at camp.  

Cleaning and Disinfecting:  All program areas and bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized daily.  High use areas will be cleaned multiple times a day.  Equipment that is shared will be cleaned and disinfected between groups.  All disinfectants and sanitizers that are used for cleaning will be EPA registered products for use against COVID-19.  Tenacre's regular cleaning staff has used these products throughout the school year, and will be onsite during the summer to clean and disinfect our spaces.

Extended Hours will be offered:  Extended hours include "Extended Afternoons" for 4 year olds on Tuesdays/Thursdays, and Aftercamp Child Care until 6:00pm (5:15pm on Fridays) for 4 - 12 year olds.  If you need child care, Please log into your account to signup.  At this time, we do not plan to offer swimming at Aftercamp as we have in years past. Pre-registration and payment is required, and signups are by the week.  We may not be able to accommodate last minute registrations and daily signups are not possible.  
  • Aftercamp Fee: $155 per week 
  • Aftercamp Capacity: 30 campers per week
  • Extended Afternoons (4 year olds on Tue/Thur): $60 for the 2 days
  • Extended Afternoons Capacity: 10 campers per week

Staggered Arrival/Dismissal Times
: Scheduling is underway to determine the exact time frames of our arrival and dismissal for each cohort.  

No Visitors: The campus will be closed to visitors this summer, except for essential food and material deliveries.  Late drop offs and early pickups will take place in the parking lot, and parents need to stay in their vehicles.  A staff member will escort your child to their group.  

:  We are expecting the vast majority of our staff to be vaccinated.  Staff will be reminded to book their appointment, and we are providing helpful information about how to book an appointment.  We do not expect that our campers will be vaccinated this summer as all of our campers are under the age of 16, and most are under the age of 12.

Testing Staff:  As we plan for summer, we know that there will likely be testing for our staff.  There have been developments in accuracy and accessibility of rapid testing and we are studying the options.  At this time, we are figuring out what our testing schedule may look like for staff.  When we have the final plan, we will let you know.  

:  A majority of the camp day will be outside when possible with social distancing (6 feet apart) and masking.  Sports activities will follow the Safety Standards for Youth and Adult Sports.  Activity times/length may run differently to accommodate our increased cleaning requirements.  The Ropes Course will be closed this summer since our course is housed inside the gymnasium.  Groups will function as pods and do all of their activities together. Even though we need to make modifications, we still have tons of fun activities planned for the campers!  

Lunch and Water Bottles
:  Campers will need to bring their own water bottle to camp each day. There are water filling stations throughout camp.  Each group (10 - 15 campers) will eat snack and lunch together, and will not mix with other groups.  Groups will eat outside whenever possible. All food allergies will be accommodated as usual.  Campers can bring their own lunch or purchase lunch by the week.  

:  Face coverings will be universally worn by staff and campers. Campers and staff need to wear a clean mask, and have 2 - 3 additional masks sealed in a plastic bag in case the first becomes wet or soiled.    Masks need to have 2 - 3 layers of fabric, completely cover the nose and mouth, and fit snugly without gaps.  Gaiters, bandanas and single-layer fabric masks are NOT sufficient, and campers will be asked to change them.  We will have extra masks throughout the program.  

:  We will teach staff during orientation and campers each week the importance of washing their hands for 20 seconds with soap and water, making sure all campers are doing this throughout the day.  Hand Sanitizer will be used (if the child has parent permission) if they cannot wash their hands with soap and water.  Everyone will be encouraged to cover their coughs and sneezes with a tissue or with the inside of their elbow.  

If A Camper Gets Sick
:  If a camper does get sick at camp, we have identified an area where they can rest, be watched after, and safely isolate from others.  We will communicate with parents/guardians directly.  Sick campers need to be picked up right away.  We will work together with the Wellesley Health Department to conduct contact tracing, if it is determined that the individual tests positive for COVID.

Grove Street Construction Project
:  We have been informed by the town that there will be a Grove Street Construction Project from May until October.  The town and their contractor will work with us on minimizing the disruption to camp routines.  The traffic flow for dropping off and picking up from camp is one-way.  All cars need to enter from our back driveway, and that address is 160 Grove Street.  It is a shared driveway with the Dana Hall School.  When you turn into the driveway, take an immediate right turn.  If we need to make a change to the traffic procedures at any point during the summer, we will notify our families. 

June Mailing
: We send out 1 mailing in June, and in that envelope will be your ID cards for picking up your child from camp, name tags for your camper to wear on their first 2 days of camp, a map of our arrival and dismissal route, and a list of what to bring. (The group lists will be emailed in June.) 

A Shared Commitment to a Healthy Community
: We would like to remind all of our families that being a good community member is super important this year so that we can have a fun and safe summer!  During the summer, we will communicate with families if their camper shows symptoms for COVID-19, or if someone in your camper's group tests positive for COVID-19.  Please note, we are required to notify state and local health officials if there are positive cases; we will maintain privacy.  

We cannot wait to be at camp, outdoors in the sunshine, with all our new and returning campers!
Tenacre nurtures and challenges each child, every day.