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COVID-19 and Summer 2021

Updated January 2021


We are looking forward to welcoming campers back to camp! In the months ahead, we’ll continue monitoring changing conditions and guidance as they emerge, adapting our plans and protocols as-needed to ensure the safety of all involved. There are still some unknowns as we plan for camp, but we will continue to update our procedures and plans on this page.  

Group Sizes, Capacity Limits, and Waitlists
We are currently planning to run camp with smaller group sizes this summer.  This means we will likely have one group of 3 year olds with 10 campers, two groups of 4 year olds with up to 15 campers per group, and 10 groups of campers in our full day program with 10 - 15 campers per group.  If guidelines allow for us to increase capacity, we will reach out to families that have children on the waitlist.  We hope to receive state guidance sometime in March.   

When can I withdraw from camp sessions and not lose my deposit money?
If you registered during Phase 1 or Phase 2 (before January 14th), you have until February 1st to withdraw from camp sessions without losing your deposit.  If you registered during Phase 3 (on or after January 14th), you have until March 1st to withdraw from camp sessions without losing your deposit.  After these deadlines, we are not able to refund deposit money. 

Will my child have swimming lessons at camp?
We know that our families are anxious to hear if campers will be able to have swimming lessons at camp. We are still awaiting new guidance from the state.  Under current guidelines for recreational day camps and pools, the lessons for the younger ages are really not possible due to the need for close contact during the entire lesson.  It's tricky because swimming is the one activity where kids need to be unmasked.  And, it's important to keep the lifeguards safe and healthy over the summer as they will work with multiple groups of campers that are not wearing masks.  After the guidance is released this spring, we will work closely with our local health department in making final decisions about our swim activity.  We feel confident that swimming lessons for the campers in our full day program should work out.  We are unsure about our 3 and 4 year olds.  We will keep you posted!

Will LUNCH be available for purchase? 
Yes, lunch can be purchased by the week for $45.  Campers may also bring their own lunch.  We will email enrolled families when the lunch menu is posted.  Coming soon!

When will Extended Afternoons and AFTERCAMP Child Care hours be available?
  • Enrollment is pending for Extended Afternoons (Tuesdays & Thursdays) for 4 year olds. We do plan on offering extended afternoons if guidelines allow; we are waiting on more direction from the state that we expect to receive in March.  Once we have a better picture, we will allow families to sign up for Extended Afternoons.   We predict that Extended Afternoon availability will be limited due to COVID-19 restrictions. For Summer 2021, we are not planning to offer extended hours for 3 year olds. 
  • Registration for our Aftercamp child care program (until 6:00pm) is pending. We do plan on running the Aftercamp program; we are waiting on more direction from the state that we expect to receive in March.  Once we have a better picture, we will open up registration.  We predict that Aftercamp availability will be limited due to COVID-19 restrictions, and signups will need to be for the full week (no daily signups). 
When will registration open for Pre-Camp June Programs?
In June, we plan to run 2 to 3 weeks of our Swim Lesson Program (these lessons are separate from Day Camp), and 1 to 2 weeks of our Rising Star Sports program (9:00am - 11:30am).  When we are ready to open registration, we will email families. We are not yet sure of the exact timing of when registration will open for our pre-camp programs.  We hope to start registration in late February or March.   

Will my child be able to attend camp if our family has traveled outside the state?
At this time, we plan to follow the state regulations  and any camp regulations on travel.  Closer to camp time, we should have a clearer picture on restrictions and regulations.

What are some changes at camp this summer? 
  • Small groups of campers stay together all day
  • Outdoor activities are prioritized
  • Face coverings and physical distancing
  • Staggered arrival and dismissal times
  • To the extent possible, we will maintain consistent counselor assignments for each group
Camp will look different this summer including health screenings, smaller group sizes, additional handwashing, cleaning and disinfecting throughout the day, etc.  While camp will feel a bit different for campers and staff, there are certain parts of camp that even a pandemic can’t take away.  Camp is about traditions, having fun, trying new things, making new friends and having fun outside.  These are things that are intrinsic to the camp experience and will be present at camp!

One-Week Specialty Camps
We are not currently able to offer one-week Specialty Camps due to COVID-19 capacity limitations.  We will re-evaluate this when new guidance is released.    

Participating in camp if your child or someone in your immediate family is immunosuppressed
Individuals who are immunosuppressed or live with someone that is immunosuppressed should consult with their doctor before deciding whether or not to participate in camp.  Though we are taking steps to keep Camp safe this summer, Tenacre is not able to guarantee that a person at our camp will not be exposed to COVID-19.  During the pandemic, participating in a camp program is not recommended for individuals with known vulnerabilities that put them at greater risk.  Please contact the Camp Director if you have any concerns. 

We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with our families to provide a positive and memorable summer camp experience for your children. As circumstances and guidance related to operating camp evolve, our plans may also shift accordingly, and we will keep our families informed.  Please be in touch any time you have questions.  
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