School Life

Student Activities

Student Groups

There are several activities that take place as part of the school day, during class time or lunch.

  • Student Council: Student Council provides fourth, fifth and sixth graders the wonderful opportunity to be leaders in their school. Each child serves as part of Student Council for one-third of the school year. The Sixth Graders are assigned the responsibility of being co-presidents, treasurer, secretary and school reporters for their “term in office.” Parliamentary procedure keeps the Tuesday lunch meetings running smoothly, as all the students offer suggestions as to what projects to take on, and how to organize, advertise, and, implement them. Activities can range from sponsoring a winter coat collection for those in need, to a beautification project in connection with Earth Day that includes a fundraiser to buy flowers for the whole school to plant on campus, to promoting less waste in the lunchroom via posters and announcements. A perennial favorite is organizing a “Grub Day” - the opportunity to dress outside of Tenacre’s dress code (celebrity day, pajama day, beach day) in exchange for bringing in $1 to be donated to a charity. The children are enthusiastic and creative, and thoroughly enjoy their opportunity to make suggestions which can impact school life.
  • Big Friend/Little Friend Program: This program is a long-time tradition of pairing first and sixth graders together throughout the year. Students interact by reading to one another, by celebrating holidays together or just by being with one another during lunch or recess. This program ensures that older students help younger ones feel welcome and secure.
  • Big Reader Little Reader: Our younger students in pre-kindergarten are paired with fourth graders and the kindergarten class is paired with fifth graders for reading together and holiday projects. These associations help build a strong sense of community and true respect among the children at the different grade levels. 


Clubs are developed around specific interests and allow students to work and play together in activities that they especially enjoy. Clubs meet either in the morning, before classes begin, or after school.

  • 4-5-6 Book Club is offered to the fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students. The Book Club is an optional activity and is a fun way to read an interesting book and talk about it with other kids in the school. The school purchases the book for the kids to read and, about one month later, the book club meets to discuss it, with faculty facilitators. Recent books include: Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk and Seraphina by Robert Beatty.
  • Math Mania offers additional math exploration, activities, and challenges for children in grades 2-6. Three sessions are offered in the morning before school during the school year.
  • Chess Club classes are offered after school to grades K-6 during the months of January and February, An outside instructor and chess master conducts beginner and intermediate/advanced classes. The beginner classes receive a twenty-minute lecture and demonstration followed by a half hour of play. The intermediate/advanced group receives instruction followed by tournament play to sharpen their skills and strategy in a more competitive environment.
  • The Environmental Club, called RAG (Random Acts of Greenness), was started in 2011 for fourth, fifth, and sixth graders. The mission of RAG is to energize students about taking care of the earth and helping the community while learning about some of the most important environmental issues facing our world today. Further, the intent of RAG is to make environmental improvements locally and globally, to bring awareness about environmental issues to our community, and to provide students with a leadership and collaborative extracurricular opportunity.
  • Multicultural Club was created in 2014 for all fifth and sixth graders. The gorup was launched in response to the interest of many students who wanted to explore the rich cultures that exist at Tenacre and in our larger world and discuss sociocultural concepts. Past topics include what is culture, the importance of language, stereotypes, and what is a home.
  • Bird Club is offered to any interested fourth, fifth, or sixth grader in the spring. A teacher leads students through a variety of locations to observe and enjoy birds in their natural habitat. This group is held in the early morning, before school.

Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups provide students who share specific identity characteristics the opportunity the explore their experiences at Tenacre, specifically including these components of who they are. Affinity Groups meet during lunch.

  • Boys To Men was founded in 2016 for fifth and sixth grade boys. The purpose of the group is to consider the experience of being a boy at Tenacre and in society in general.The group provides an opportunity for boys to speak to one another about topics surrounding exploration of male stereotypes, expressing emotions, masculinity, media influence, social issues, and becoming a man/growing up. By providing this outlet, the group aims to support the emotional development of the members and reinforce healthy social relationships.
  • Girls Can was created and named by students in the 2014-2015 school year. The purpose of Girls Can is to create a safe, respectful, and fun environment in which girls discuss important issues, work together on projects, and build greater self confidence. This group helps participants to be more supportive of each other as young women, and therefore help to deflect some of the social isolation and difficult group dynamics that can be common at this age.
  • Stuversity offers self identified students of color in grades 4, 5, and 6 an opportunity to come together in an environment where they make up the majority.  Deep cross-grade connections are forged and strengthened throughout the year. As a group, students engage in conversations about race, identity, culture, stereotypes, how to build community, and get to know each other on a deeper level.  Students also have the agency to pose questions or discussion topics for the group to think about collectively and for others in our community to explore as well.
  • Wakanda Style is a student generated (and named) initiative that offers Black and African-American self identified students the opportunity to examine topics that specifically pertain to their experiences that may not pertain to other students of color.  Children have the opportunity to converse and collaborate with each other around these topics in a space where while their race identity is one of the central foci, they are not looked at as the expert or representative for all people who share their race identity.  Like Stuversity, deep cross-grade connections are forged and strengthened throughout the year, and  students also have the agency to pose questions or discussion topics for the group to think about collectively and for others in our community to explore as well. 
Tenacre nurtures and challenges each child, every day.