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2017 One-Week Specialty Programs

Each Specialty Week will conclude with a presentation for parents/guardians on Friday.

LEGO® Robotics

Entering 4th - 6th Grade
Week 1: June 26 - June 30
Full Day Program until 3:15 p.m. (No Half Day Option)

Explore the exciting world of Robotics using the LEGO® Mindstorms® NXT line.  Building and programming robots develops critical thinking skills and entices kids to think like scientists and engineers.  Through teamwork and cooperation, children fine tune their robots to perform tasks and program the robots using a computer. The week concludes with a presentation for parents/guardians on Friday. Robots are for use in the program only; Children will not be able to take them home.

Activities Include:
  • Minstorm NXT Build
  • Free LEGO Build
  • On-Line LEGO Build using LEGO Digital Designer
  • Quadcopter (flying robotic machine) and aerial photography
  • Science of propulsion: rockets and propulsion experiments
  • Video Making: Stop-Frame Animation & Mindstorms Movies

*This program is close to filling - just a couple of spots left*

Entering 2nd - 4th Grade
Week 1: June 26 - June 30
Half Day Program until 12 p.m. (Full Day option until 3:15p.m.)

Spend an exciting week with Clay, Paper Mache, and Paint!  Children will experiment with different media as they participate in Tenacre's "I Love Art" program this summer.  Each day will bring a new project that may include drawing, painting, or sculpture.  Engaged campers will learn art techniques, vocabulary, and skills while working with high quality materials.  This program is designed to nurture creativity in children in an interactive and experimental environment and at a pace that permits self expression and success.  Personal imagery and themes will be encouraged.  Sign up soon!  There will be all NEW projects, and this specialty week sold out last year.

*This program is close to filling - just a few spots left*

Entering 2nd & 3rd Grade
Week 3: July 10 - July 14
Full Day Program until 3:15 p.m. (No Half Day Option)

Begin your robotic adventure with LEGO® Mindstorms® NXT robots and discover how these amazing machines work!  This hands-on experience gives children the opportunity to have fun while learning math, logic, and technology skills.  In addition to learning the basics of robots, children will build a Lego City, create a stop-frame animation movie, fly a quadcopter using an iPhone, and experience the thrill of launching water-based rockets hundreds of feet into the sky! 

GROSS OUT SCIENCE (*filled* We are taking children on a wait list)
Entering K & 1st Grade
Week 3: July 10 - July 14
Half Day Program until 12 p.m. (Full Day option until 3:15p.m.)

Pull your sleeves up and get ready for a week of fun as we slime our way through awesome, crazy, exciting, disgusting and amazing things!  Get ready to get down and dirty with some really gross science!  Anything and everything from making elephant toothpaste to blood cells in a bottle!  If this sounds gross now, just wait until camp starts. We have protective gear to keep campers safe and dry with these fun and age appropriate experiments. At the end of the week, parents and friends are invited to attend a presentation on Friday morning. 

Entering 2nd - 6th Grade
Week 3: July 10 - July 14
Half Day Program until 12 p.m. (Full Day option until 3:15p.m.)

Tenacre welcomes back U.S. Chess Life Master Lou Mercuri to our summer Specialty Programs!  Children will learn the basic moves of chess and beyond - including checkmating patterns, tactics, opening strategy, endgames, and how to visualize a couple of moves ahead so players can enjoy this amazing and fun game even more. Pattern recognition and essential themes important to learning will be taught.  An introduction to classic games, fantastic finishes, and famous players will be covered.  There is an emphasis on supervised playing opportunities with helpful tips and advice on how to improve that will help every student improve their game.  Students will also work in small teams to take on problem solving challenges together.  There is no prerequisite for this class, but children preferably need to be familiar with the rules of chess.

Entering 2nd & 3rd Grade
Week 4: July 17 - July 21
Full Day Program until 3:15 p.m. (No Half Day Option)

We’re all about Skyscrapers, Bridges and Dams! Put on your construction hard hat, roll up your sleeves and prepare for a week of investigation into the tallest buildings, longest bridges and biggest dams. Learn about the physical forces that keep these marvels standing, then create and test your very own designs. Can your tallest tower withstand hurricane winds? Does your deepest Dam hold back all the water? Can your design team build the biggest bridge to support the weight of all the campers? Campers will also construct a functioning fortress/castle with draw bridge, working doors and windows that you can crawl and move through.We’ll make all of these things and more!

SPACED OUT (*filled* We are taking children on a wait list)
Entering K & 1st Grade
Week 4: July 17 - July 21
Half Day Program until 12 p.m. (Full Day option until 3:15p.m.)

Ever wonder what goes on up in space?  Have you ever wanted to know what it's like in a space station?  Have you ever questioned why the moon looks different every day?  Have you ever wondered what a meteor or a meteorite is?  If you have questions like these, get ready to discover the answers during this week!  We will be exploring the solar system, discovering our galaxy and traveling through the universe, so sign up and get ready to become an astronomer with McKenna Daly, it will be out of this world!   Activities for this week include moon rocks, galaxy in a jar, and creating a solar system!

Entering 4th - 6th Grade
Week 5: July 24 - July 28
Full Day Program until 3:15 p.m. (No Half Day Option)

Discover how Hollywood shoots and edits movies!  Using established filmmaking and special effects techniques campers will express their creativity by developing original story ideas into finished films. Working in  production teams they’ll turn their visions into reality by writing scripts and creating storyboards. These young filmmakers will enjoy mediums such as stop-frame animation, live action and using effects on a green screen.  Each filmmaker will learn how to utilize creative camera angles, set up unique shots and edit footage to bring to the screen lively and fun filled stories. All movies will be screened at the end of the week in a film-festival style showcase (popcorn included)! Each camper will complete the week with the knowledge required to create a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience!

*filled* We are taking children on a wait list

Entering K & 1st Grade
Week 5: July 24 - July 28
Half Day Program until 12 p.m. (Full Day option until 3:15p.m.)

Do you love science and want to do some great experiments?  Campers will delve into science and nature related topics through hands-on experiments and investigations.  Come find out how much fun science can be! This week will involve learning the science behind chemical reactions and concoctions, finding out more about amazing animals and nature, and much, much more!  If you want to have a smorgasbord of all things science, this is the week for you! 

Entering 3rd - 5th Grade
Week 6: July 31 - August 4
Full Day Program until 3:15 p.m. (No Half Day Option)
Explore the technology of flight. From winged aircraft to rockets to the amazing world of quad-copters. This exciting hands-on specialty camp engaged in activities such as iPad flight simulators, model making, kites, and water-fueled rockets.  Each camper’s flight squadron will plan and execute various flight missions throughout the week. Utilizing STEM principles to encourage learning and inspire the imagination each camper will work to achieve their “Top Pilot” status. Explore the wonders of physics by learning the forces of flight, aircraft control, instrument interpretation, takeoffs and landings.  Each day is separated into Gliders, Planes, Helicopters and Quad-copters, Rockets, and Friday will be the final AIRSHOW! The sky’s not the limit .... it’s just the beginning!

Entering 4th - 6th Grade
Week 7: August 7 - August 11
Full Day Program until 3:15 p.m. (No Half Day Option)

Dust off your problem solving brain and shine up your zest for intellectual adventure as we engineer an amazing week together! Campers will investigate problems and search for solutions by engaging in fun engineering challenges, games, and building activities. Grouped into sessions, we start the first day by exploring who engineers are and the many things they do.  The following 4 days will be used to explore Mechanical, Chemical, Civil and Electrical engineering respectively. We’ll utilize “Mystery Bag Challenges”, HexBugs, robots, fruit powered lights, snap circuits, cardboard and duct tape!

*This program is close to filling - just a couple of spots left*

Entering K - 2nd Grade
Week 8: August 14 - August 18
Half Day Program until 12 p.m. (Full Day option until 3:15p.m.)
This versatile week-long dance program allows campers to explore a variety of styles including Hip Hop, Jazz, Stomp, and Line Dancing.  Along with exploring various techniques, campers will enjoy learning new skills and making new friends. Let's Dance introduces dance, music, and movement in a fun atmosphere where every child can explore: self-confidence, imagination, musicality, rhythm, and coordination. The grand finale performance, a dance party accompanied by costumes and props, will showcase a routine that the children will learn throughout the week.  Friends and family are invited to see the performance. This high energy experience is a great way for young dancers to explore the many aspects of dance.  Come join us this summer! 


  • Half Day Hours 8:30AM - 12:00PM
  • Full Day Hours 8:30AM - 3:15PM
  • Exceptionally qualified staff
  • Spaces are limited to 12-15
  • Nurse on duty
  • Location : Tenacre School
  • Child Care until 6:00 p.m.
The Day Camp program has a minimum enrollment of 2 consecutive weeks.  We do NOT have a minimum number of weeks for the Specialty Programs. The weeks in Day Camp do NOT need to be consecutive weeks if your child is also participating in a Specialty.  This offers families more flexibility if you are interested in having your child attend both Day Camp and Specialty during the summer.  In other words, a camper can enroll for Week 1 Specialty and Week 2 Day Camp and meet the 2 consecutive week requirement.


The Specialty Programs are designed to appeal to varying and unique interests. Some programs are half day until 12pm, and others are a full day program until 3:15pm. 

Half Day Programs with a Full Day option
Q. If I sign my child up for one of the Half Day Programs, can my child stay for a full day? 
A. YES!  You can sign up for a full day, and your child will join a DAY CAMP group for the afternoon from 12pm - 3:15pm.  Aftercamp child care is also available until 6pm.  In the afternoon, your child will swim and participate in other fun day camp activities.  If your child is attending the Day Camp during other weeks of the summer, he/she will join the same camp group when they leave their specialty program at 12pm.  Please call us if you have questions.

  • I Love Art
  • Gross Out Science
  • Chess
  • Spaced Out
  • Super Science
  • Let's Dance

Full Day Programs (NO Half Day option)
Q. If I sign my child up for a Full Day Specialty Program until 3:15pm, will my child stay with the specialty program all day? 
A. YES!  In the Full Day programs, your child stays with the specialty instructor and specialty campers for the entire day. 

  • Robotics
  • Gadgets & Gizmos
  • Camp-Struction!
  • Movie Makers
  • Rockets & Wings
  • Engineers BUILD

Tenacre nurtures and challenges each child, every day.