Explore Engineering (STEM) - this program has filled

Entering 1st & 2nd.  Half day program until 12PM. Or, add Day Camp to make it a Full Day, and your child will join a day camp group and also go swimming in our heated pools.

Welcome to Explore Engineering!  We will be investigating some puzzling problems that you will have to solve.  Whether you are building towers, bridges, vehicles, or roller coasters, you will be asked to take the challenge.  We will be exploring what materials work best for our projects, as well as what shapes help us make the strongest, or the tallest or fastest structures.  Come put your engineering hat on and solve these problems!

Instructor: McKenna Daly

Drop-Off: 8am - 8:25am
Half Day Pick-Up: 12:00PM
Full Day Pick-Up: 3:15PM
Aftercamp Child Care is available until 6pm.
Tenacre nurtures and challenges each child, every day.