Gwyn Loud Science Week kicks off at Tenacre

Tenacre kicked off its annual Gwyn Loud Science Week today, an annual tradition that provides special, hands-on sciences classes for every student at Tenacre. Gwyn Loud is a former science teacher and assistant head of school at Tenacre. This year, PKers and kindergartners will learn about animal habitats from Museum of Science instructors. First graders will learn to build simple structures; second graders will investigate tide pools with the New England Aquarium’s traveling tidal pool; third graders will focus on lights and lasers with the Discovery Museum; fourth graders will learn how to build a magnetic levitation device; and fifth and sixth graders studied the wonders of the skies in the Museum of Science’s traveling Starlab, a portable planetarium. They explored how stars are different from one another and learned to recognize star patterns in the sky.
Tenacre nurtures and challenges each child, every day.