Tenacre/Moms As Mentors: Promoting a Healthy Body Image for Girls

Wells Playhouse
For: Moms (and caregivers) of girls (0 through 18)
When: November 8, 6:45 pm to 7:45 pm
Where: Tenacre School

This interactive workshop will look at the prevalence, consequences and causes of negative body image for girls and then focus on practical ways to promote a healthy body image for the girls in your lives. This session is geared towards moms who have daughters up to age 18 but any adult caregiver of girls is welcome to attend. Participants will leave with take-home resources and tips to promote a healthy body image for girls.

This workshop will be led by Linda Lin, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology at Emmanuel College. Linda is a clinical psychologist who has a special focus on health behaviors (e.g. eating disorders, obesity, exercise, smoking). Her research centers on body image and she is passionate about helping women fight a culture that objectifies them and uses beauty/thinness as a measure of women’s value.  
This workshop is open to the public so please share with your friends and neighbors. Need-based financial scholarships are available. Email Lee Frechette at  lfrechette@tenacrecds.org or Leslie Coles at lcoles@momsasmentors.org for more information. 
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