Tuition & Financial Aid

Payment Options

Tenacre’s tuition is comprehensive. In other words, you are not charged a technology fee, a lunch fee, book fees, etc. At the time of enrollment or re-enrollment, $3,000 is due as a deposit. Enrollment deposits vary for families receiving financial aid.

At this time SMART TUITION ( processes all tuition payments for Tenacre.  With SMART TUITION you can select the payment option that works best for you.  These include mail, auto debit, mobile app or online payments. A Help Center is available 24 hours a day.

There are three payment plans by which you can pay your Tenacre tuition.  Once you've paid your $3,000 enrollment deposit you may choose:
A. 1-payment plan:
  • the balance of the comprehensive tuition will be billed on July 10; payment to be received by July 31
B. 2-payment plan:
  • 60% of the comprehensive tuition balance billed on July 10; payment to be received by July 31
  • Remaining balance billed January 10; payment due by January 31
C. 8-payment Plan:
  • the remaining total comprehensive tuition is divided into 8, equal monthly installments, billed from May 10th through December 10
A late fee of 1.5% on the outstanding balance is charged if the full amount due is not received within the month due.

Tenacre offers a tution refund insurance plan.

Additional Info

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  • After-School Programs

    MidDay Program
    The MidDay Program requires a $100 deposit on enrollment. Children attending MidDay on contract are billed through Smart Tuition according to the chosen tuition billing plan, i.e. 1, 2 or 8 payments.

    After-School Program
    Children on contract are billed monthly through Smart Tuition, according to their attendance.
  • Wiring Information

    Instructions for wiring payments can be obtained by contacting our Business Office at 781-431-8575 ext. 208.
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