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Tenacre Strategic Planning Process

Planning for the Future

Tenacre is currently undertaking a strategic planning process with a focus on building on our successes, reflecting on our opportunities, and turning our attention to an excellent future.

Tenacre is approaching this work as a mission-centric process that features expansive thinking, incorporates a multitude of voices, and that identifies key strategic priorities for the next 3-5 years, all oriented towards keeping Tenacre at the very forefront of elementary education.

Phase I: Spring 2021

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  • Phase I

    Last spring, Tenacre’s strategic planning process began with deep discussions with the Board of Trustees and Tenace’s senior leadership team, which asked fundamental questions, such as:
    • “What about Tenacre must never change?”
    • “What must change?”
    • “What do we want Tenacre to be known for in the coming years?” 
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Phase II: 2021-2022

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  • Phase II

    This year, strategic planning work  is organized around seven Areas of Inquiry, each having a dedicated committee of trustees, staff members, and Corporators pursuing their own research and initiative identification:
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How to get involved

Throughout this year, the Strategic Planning Committee is seeking a wide range of perspectives through the use of both surveys and focus groups. 
Your participation in these opportunities is critical to the success of the strategic planning process, and we are grateful for each respondent’s time, thoughtfulness, and honesty as we all work together to envision Tenacre’s future. Please continue to keep your eye out for surveys and focus groups where you can share your perspectives.

This is a very exciting moment in the life of our school, a chance to lay out a powerful vision for the future and a roadmap that will take us there. We look forward to sharing more with you as our work progresses.

Contact Us

We welcome your questions and feedback. Please reach out to strategicplanning@tenacrecds.org.
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