About Tenacre

COVID-19 Response

Weekly Testing Results

For the week of May 3-7, the pooled testing for students and rapid antigen testing for staff yielded no positive results.

Tenacre is Open

Tenacre has been opened for on-campus learning, five days a week, since September. First and foremost, our goal is to provide as safe and healthy a school environment as possible for all of our students, staff, and families. We will also endeavor to remain true to our mission, our program, and our principles. We want to maintain the wonderful elementary experience and preserve the joys of childhood that we see each day. Additionally, we want to maintain an equitable and inclusive community experience, ensuring all of our students and families are supported. And we want to sustain the essential community connections that are so critical to our children and adults.
The information on this page provides a broad outline of Tenacre’s plans for the fall opening. Please recognize that plans will evolve as state health regulations are released throughout the summer.

General Expectations

Masks and Safety
Since wearing a mask can be one of the best methods of good personal and community health practice, families should anticipate that students and staff will wear masks as often as possible at school. 
Students will be asked and encouraged to engage in frequent handwashing and/or hand sanitizing throughout the day--this will be the norm for all students and staff.
Tenacre Faculty will Deliver the Curriculum
Tenacre’s curriculum will be deliverable in whatever form necessary. We are committed to providing our curriculum in a way that allows our students to progress and meet the expected benchmarks.
Fewer External Visitors
Parent presence on campus, as well as external visitors, will be significantly reduced to protect students and staff.

Communications to Families


Let us help! Please direct any questions you may have to the following Tenacre staff:

Head of School
Will Crissman

Director of Enrollment
Meg Burke

Director of Finance/Facilities
David Gordon

Director of Summer Programs
Libby Fitzgerald

School Nurse
Mary Torrence

2020-2021 FAQs

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • After-School

    Whenever possible, we will keep our students together in consistent small groups for After-School in an attempt to not crossover the school-day groups. We will continue to provide updates on our After-School structure as the summer progresses. 
  • Assemblies and Field Trips

    At this point, we do not anticipate having all-school assemblies or field trips for the foreseeable future. We will, however, endeavor to provide virtual gatherings and enrichment opportunities whenever possible.
  • Community Events

    We will not be able to hold some of our traditional community events this year, especially those that include large gatherings on campus. We will endeavor to provide virtual gatherings as a substitute whenever possible. Our community connections are essential, and like we did this past year, we will devise creative and innovative ways to maintain our relationships and share important school moments and rites of passage.
  • Emergency Financial Assistance

    The Tenacre Annual Fund has always addressed a broad range of needs for the school, including offering financial assistance for families, faculty, and the community more broadly. As Tenacre meets the challenges created by the COVID-19 crisis, the Annual Fund will continue to provide support where it is needed.
  • Lunch

    Lunch has a different look and feel this year, due to guidelines set by public health officials. We work closely with FLIK, our foodservice provider, to determine and maintain best practices. Students eat lunch in socially-distanced shifts in the lunchroom and the adjacent performing arts center.
  • P.E. and Athletics

    P.E. will continue with proper social distancing and limitations on equipment sharing with as many activities as possible taking place outside. There will be no traditional interscholastic athletic games this year.
  • Social Emotional Learning

    We will continue to provide regular support for students and families through curriculum, teacher guidance, our consulting psychologist, and through our student groups. Faculty are participating in professional development work this summer, and as we return to school to consider how we support all of our students. We have a large group attending the National Anti-Racism Conference with Jaleesa Anselm, our new Director of DEI, who is one of the conference facilitators. Student affinity groups, advisories and the Big Friend Little Friend programs may need to assemble virtually when proper social distancing cannot take place.
Tenacre nurtures and challenges each child, every day.