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Centennial Field

Centennial Field News
In April 2011, Tenacre broke ground on a new, multi-purpose athletic field. Centennial Field, as it is called, is a regulation-size soccer and field hockey field that provides additional space for baseball and softball games and enables all Tenacre teams to practice at one time. Tenacre received approval from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority and the Wellesley Zoning Board to construct this field on the aqueduct land that runs through the Tenacre property along Benvenue Street.

In addition to the new field, Tenacre built a new access road alongside the current soccer field and Maple Manor on Dana Hall’s property. Until this road was built, Tenacre used Dana Hall’s access for dismissal and camp drop-off and pick-up, which made for crowded pick-up. By having a dedicated road, Tenacre is no longer dependent on Dana Hall. In addition, the road improves safety and traffic flow with the school’s pick-up and summer camp’s pick-up and drop-off.

On June 7, 2011, the students enjoyed field day on our new and beautiful Centennial Field. We are thrilled to have this new regulation field, which has enhanced the school's campus and will provide benefits to our P.E. program and more.