Tenacare Country Day School

School Life


Assemblies bring everyone at Tenacre together and help build unity and school pride. Three days a week, grades 1-6 come together for a morning assembly. Two of these days either a staff member or a class will run the assembly and perform a skit, read, play a musical instrument, or share slides of a favorite place or past-time. The third assembly each week is a time for announcements and singing songs from the Tenacre songbook. Each assembly begins with the pledge of allegiance, followed by student or staff announcements.
Through these assemblies, students learn about public speaking and learn to be comfortable in front of an audience. It is also a nice time for the various grades to gather together. In addition to these weekly assemblies, the TPA (Tenacre Parents' Association) sponsors several assemblies each year that enhance the curriculum. We have had African American and Native American storytellers, dancers from different countries, puppet shows, and science-based shows.