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Tenacre Construction Zone

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    • Tearing down Summer Camp offices 10/19/16

Construction Schedule

January 9-14
  • Frame the storage rooms and kindergarten cubbies and bathroom
  • Continue backfilling the dining room area up to sub grade
  • Continue working on concrete footings and foundations

January 16-21
  • Install roof trusses at the back of the Schoolhouse
  • Install the 3,000-gallon grease interceptor outside the kitchen
  • Continue working on concrete footings and foundations
    Bring the grade up to the slab elevation
  • Install the underground plumbing for the kitchen
  • Stand the steel columns in the new dining room
  • Place the slab at the ramps, old music office, multipurpose room and kitchen

January 22-28
  • Continue the footing and foundation work
  • Continue to backfill the slab area
  • Put the wood gluelam beams into place
  • Continue framing walls and setting trusses
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